Monday, July 31, 2017

Day of the Dead pillow and place mats.

Neither Bill nor I slept good last night. I pulled a muscle some how yesterday, so no matter which way I turned it hurt. Finally gave up and got up about 11:30 till around 2:00 and read. Still restless when I went back to bed. Hope I can stay awake until late enough to go to bed tonight. 
Bill is coming down with a dreaded summer cold. So he was up and down last night too. I guess he ended up on the futon as when I woke up around 3:30 he was gone. He finally got up around 8 and we took off for the store before the heat set in. 
I got the batting for my table runner and some other stuff we needed or wanted as in the case of packages of caramel M & Ms. Had to eat some to celebrate the #18s win in yesterdays race at Pocono.
Right now Bill is sleeping and I've been working on my projects. Not on the window just too hot and sticky in the garage. But I did get all the blue background pieces rough cut and waiting for grinding and final fitting. 
As I said got the batting for the runner here it is all pinned up waiting to be quilted. I hate the pinning part. Always manage to stick myself a couple of time. 
And I decided to use some more of the fabric I got in Mexico last winter. Loved this piece but wasn't sure what I would do with it. Decided to make a throw pillow for the RV. Took me forever and lot of ripping before I remembered how to put the cording on -but it is done. 
I had quite a bit of material left so what to do with it?  What about table place mats for the RV. I had enough material for three - too much for two and not enough for four. Of well, only two will fit on the table any way. 
They still have to be finished, quilted and the binding put on. Fun to make. Also have to applique the skulls in the diamonds. The backing and the binding is a dark red. 
Cooked dinner last night, first night in a long time, remember why I'm not doing it too often. Gets the kitchen way too hot. But it was good. Salads tonight.
Hard to believe it will be August already. School starts here again in two weeks. This week it is humid again with chances of rain every day until next Monday. 

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Doug and Nancy said...

I did indeed notice the pillows. My lovely friend, Danna (who came to Mexico when we were there in 2013 with her hubby Bob) is making me 4 pillows for the RV and a few extra things for home. Should be fun I lent her your book!!!