Monday, July 17, 2017

Vegas in the summer.

It is cooling down, only 110 yesterday late afternoon. Parts of the valley got heavy rain, we didn't even see any. But there is rain in the forecast for the next five days! And MAYBE even one day below 100. Will believe that when I see it. by late afternoon the sky around us is getting a little darker. Thought I even heard a rumble of thunder. 
 Took this last night, missed the nicest part of the sunset but did manage to get one of the micro bursts of rain. See it coming down there on the right. 
 Bill was up bright and early this morning and managed to catch part of the sunrise. 
 My favorite corner near us where all the metal sculptures come and go has a new one,. It took me a while to realize it wasn't a real shrub but a metal one. Too bad there was so much in the background. See how real the top of it looks. 
 A closer look at it. Looks like bed springs for the leaves. 
Watched NASCAR yesterday. My favorite driver has to quit making mistakes if he wants to make the playoffs this year. Two speeding penalties. But at least a Gibbs car won.
Been working on my second pillow off and on. Should get it done this week. Just have to finish and attach the ruffle. 
I'm reading an Erma Bombeck book "Forever Erma" [Barnes & Nobel Nook $1.99] It is a compilation of her old newspaper columns. I'd forgotten how funny she was. And some of the things she said that were funny and fine then are sure not PC any more. Too bad we've become such an uptight society.
Today starts the 4-side inspection by the management of our section of the park. Wonder what they will find this time that we need to take care of. We do have five dead plants still in the ground by front door. Don't want to replace them until the weather is a little friendlier to transplanting.

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