Sunday, July 23, 2017

Keeping busy in the heat.

Yesterday it got up to 114 again, our AC works pretty good until about 6 p.m.then it has a hard time keeping up. Usually it is about 83 in here. Any lower and Bill is cold! I couldn't sleep last night so was up till 2:57! Out in the living room reading. The AC was still going on and off at that time of night. So it never really cools down here.
Bill finally managed to get out to the Radio Control field and fly his planes. No wind. But he had to go at 6:00a.m. before it got too hot to fly. By 7:30 it was too warm to fly. The plane's batteries start to heat up. But he had fun while he was there. 
I stayed home and watched NASCAR - most of the day. And did another jigsaw puzzle. I bought a big box of mixed sizes. Supposed to have 3 - 300 pieces [ it did have 3 but two of them were the same. Some 500 and a few 750s and supposed to have on 1,000 piece one. It wasn't there in the box. I can finish the 300 and 500s in one day when I'm not doing anything else. Or when just listening to TV. 
Been running out every morning for about 20 minutes to work on the stained glass window. Almost have all the border pieces cut.
And been sewing a lot cause that room is cool. I finished the 2nd sewing machine material pillow. Made this one a little different. I padded and quilted the front of it. And then made the ruffle different. Maybe I'll keep it myself. 
 The ruffle seemed like a good idea when I started it, but soon got to be a pain. I had little pink and blue squares already cut so thought I sew them on the ruffle material. And then fringe them.UGH. I just sewed them about 1/4 inch in from their edges and pulled the threads off.  Looks cute, but took forever and I have threads up the kazoo. Still trying to vacuum them up.  I even got Bill to help me fringe. 

I made the label for the quilt with the animals just have to embroider it and sew it on then that is done. So started looking around for something else to do. More material we bought in Mazatlan, pretty butterfly material. When one of our great grand daughters was born I was into knitting. So she got a knitted blanked not a quilt. So thought I'd make her a quilt with this. 
 This will be the backing. 
 During yesterday's NASCAR and today's NASCAR I've been working on it. This is the front. Now I have to get the batting and put it together. The dark around the edges of the quilt is the floor. I might quilt around the butterflies...then again I might not...The colors are more vivid then this picture shows. Guess the flash washed them out.  
So tomorrow we'll have to go out - it's not supposed to be quite as warm but it is supposed to RAIN - and go to the store for the batting so I can finish it. 
Arrgg - Kyle #18 - just wrecked and he had the fastest car on way to win at Indy. Oh well.
Sorry we're not doing anything interesting to write about. Just being domestic.

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