Saturday, July 15, 2017

More hot weather and hobbies

Another scorcher of a day here in Vegas. Outside the kitchen window in the shade the thermometer says 113 - and it is 4:30. We did get out and about a little yesterday and today. Here is pic of the biggest sun flower on the corner that I missed the other day. The bunch of three are on the right. Always enjoyable to look at them.
 We were walking through WalMart just wasting time going up and down the aisles - both for the walk and the AC - when I saw this crock pot. WiFi Enabled??? Why does your crock pot need to go on-line? Shows how far behind in technology I am getting. Also saw a commercial for a refrigerator that has a note pad on the door. You write your grocery list on it and it sends it to your phone so you have it with you when you are shopping. I'm sorry I really don't think these things are necessary. 
 Went over to get the rest of the glass for my new window. Got the border - shown here. It is just rough cut, needs a lot of work to fit it all in. But just too hot to stay in garage for very long. 
 The whit part between the border and the flowers still doesn't have any glass in it - it will be a light blue glass but won't cut it until all the border is done. 
 This is my bathroom where the window will be going. Just making it big to fit one side of this window. Will take down the sun catchers and put the big window up here. And some day I will make a companion piece for the other side of the window. 
I've finished one of my sewing machine pillows. This is the back side. See the outer border is just strips of pink and blue materiel.  
The front side has a more interesting border. 
 Saw this car while we were out and about today. No sign or anything on it just the red, white and blue. Sure couldn't miss it. 

Back home and watched the Xfinty race. Kyle won from the pole. 
Working on my other pillow during the race. 
Fixed dinner last night, kind of a picnic dinner chicken with Famous Dave's BBQ sauce on it, potato salad and corn on cob. Quick, easy and good. With leftovers for lunch today.


Grandma on the Road said...

Don't know how you survive in Las Vegas. I headed to the higher places in Colorado this summer to escape the heat, but it has still been hotter than I wanted it to be--have to get over 7,500 feet just to get below 90s. I will be in Ohio in May, but heading back west in early June, probably along places like North Dakota and Montana. I'm seriously thinking of spending next summer along the Oregon and Washington coasts. That's about the only place I know of without high altitude!

Looking forward to fall and winter! Judy

Carol and Bill said...

if you decide on WA and Oregon be sure to make reservations early.

Grandma on the Road said...

Definitely will!