Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Just busy work today.

Last nights sunset. How much prettier when there are clouds in the sky.
The clouds were from the spotty rain we had. in the south west part of the valley they had a cloud burst. Street flooded, trees down, cars stalled. Here now at drop.
Managed to get out this morning before it got too hot and took a short walk. Need to do that more often. 
Also worked on my window in the garage while it was still bearable out there. Got the border glass rough cut. Now i needs to be ground into final shapes. Unless it gets a lot cooler that will wait for a while. 
Also worked on my second pillow. Had a bright idea for the ruffle around the edge. One of those ideas that about half way through doing it it didn't seem like such a bright idea any more. But it will look cute. 
We got the tires for the Jeep so guess that will be on our agenda - take it in to get them put on. Tomorrow will be an "exciting day" we will get the new tires put on the Jeep and we will pick the RV up from the dealers! - Time to go somewhere?
Had to put gas in the Mustang so stopped at the station on the corner where all the metal sculptures are. While Bill put the gas in I took some close ups of a few of the sculptures. A better look at the tree I posted about yesterday.  See the dark clouds in the background, storming over Boulder City and the lake.
 Here I have four of them. The tree, the green and pink plant and the blue bush. The fourth one is way to the right where the lady is walking. It is a raised tree sort of thing. 
 A look at the bottom of the three sunflowers. It says David - over some strange stuff. 
 The mean looking bird perched on one of the flowers. 
I also went inside the station to ask about them. The day maintenance man makes them. He had already gone home when we were there. Will have to stop to talk to him some time during the day. Would love to meet him. 

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