Saturday, July 29, 2017

Busy busy busy.

Another warm stay inside kind of day. Bill didn't even go flying - well not outside any way. The drone made several passes through the house. Even managed to get a couple of pictures of me in its video. Too windy and warm to take it outside. 
I pretty much spent the day int he sewing room, listening and sometimes watching lots of NASCAR. Cup practice, truck race - Kyle crashed but one of his trucks won, Xfinity qualifying and race. And now a good soccer game is on. In between race stuff I managed to finish the top of my table runner. Still have to get the batting and put it together and quilt it. You can't tell here but the very center sunflower is 3-d.
Also managed to rough cut some of the pieces of the window's background. Brought it inside and worked on my sewing table. Then vacuumed good to get up any slivers of glass before I stepped in them. Finished making the rest of the paper patterns [where there is just blank space] this afternoon. Way too hot to stay in garage to do anything else. 
Can't do any more on the table runner until I venture out to JoAnns. Maybe Monday. As I have the two great grand daughter's quilts all packed and ready to mail too. 

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SandyM said...

This Window is really beautiful - I love the colors.