Sunday, July 9, 2017


Well we are under a Heat Advisory for the next few days. Temperatures from 114 - 120 until the first of the week. Humidity is also going up with showers probably in the surrounding mountains. Our poor AC is having a hard time keeping up with the heat. It just came on now. Not ever 7 a.m. yet.
I continue going out to the garage every morning to work on my window. Getting fewer and fewer pieces done before I get too hot to work. And I have to go to the glass shop soon for the frame.
Bill has put a fan in the doorway between the laundry room and the garage and it helps some.
And now we have a fire in mountains - luckily it is a long ways from town, 35 miles,. Hope they get it under control before the smoke settles over town. It was set by lightening.
The Ford went to the mechanic yesterday to get new spark plugs. Hope that helps with its starting problem. But now Bill is thinking fuel filter problems. He is also checking into tires for Willie, he needs them before we go anywhere.
Next Tuesday the RV goes in to get the camera problem fixed. Maybe then we can get out of here again tho it doesn't seem to be cool any where. Except at high altitudes.
It never cooled down last night. I was outside this morning at 5:00 and it was already too hot to walk. 
Making a quilt with some really cute material.

Have as much done as I can until I get out to buy the batting...Maybe tonight or very early tomorrow morning. WalMart is open 24 hours. For a great grand who didn't get one when she was born, we were in Mexico. 
Two NASCAR races today. One that didn't get run yesterday because of rain and regular Cup race tonight.  Kyle has pole for both races. Well he won one and came in 5th in the other. 
Sunday morning now. We got out of the house early 6:30 and went for breakfast and to WalMart. I got the batting for the quilt so will work on it today.
It is supposed to be cooler today. This was yesterday in the a.m. This is always in the shade. 
Today it is supposed to be much cooler -  only 105! With humidity as we are now in monsoon season. Clouds this morning for the sunrise. 
And even more clouds later as we were heading to WM. The sun is lighting up the mountain. And it looks like some rain is falling. 
As we went by the corner of Tropicana and Boulder Highway I noticed that there were a couple of new metal sculptures there. This is a really new one. Haven't seen one like it before. 
This is out of focus but the light wasn't red long enough to get a good picture. When we left for vacation the beginning of June there were three sunflowers here - when we came back there were only two! but I see the third one is back again. Also there is a really big one just a few feet from this group. Missed it with the camera though. 
It doesn't take much to amuse me. Some day I'm going to try to find out who puts these here. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

We do keep ourselves amused! Wish we would get some heat. It just keeps raining, so not the normal.

Carol and Bill said...

we have had 25 days of 105+ weather in a row and 108 in forecast for all week.