Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer days continue to roll on.

The sky cleared up nicely yesterday [wrote this Thursday forgot to post] afternoon after our morning rains. And the temperature wasn't broiling only baking. But there was a nice sunset again.
Watched the dirt truck race last night - it is always an exciting race. But this year it seemed to be more of demolition derby than a race. 
This morning I got up around 5 a.m. Got dressed, poured a cup of coffee with the thought of sitting out on the patio watching the sunrise. I opened the door and stepped outside. It was like walking into a bowl of potato chowder. The heaviness of the air almost knocked me down. Put the coffee cup back inside, grabbed the camera and took a quick picture then back inside and closed the door. 
At 8:00 we took the Jeep over to the mechanic to get his new tires put on and then we went to the RV dealer to pick up the Jayco. Brought it back to its storage area.
At 10:30 we went back to mechanic to pick up the Jeep, back home to drop off the Ford and then to grocery store in the Jeep. Bill wanted to check out the new tires, balance and alignment. All seems good. The Ford is now in the back yard under a cover and the Jeep will be our main mode of transportation for a while. 
By 12:00 we started to think about going somewhere in the RV - maybe up north in Oregon and Washington. Some place cooler. Most routes heading that way seem to be having problems either with fire or heavy smoke. So will have to think about that. I did map out a trip but it came to over 3000 miles so we might want to scale it back a little - if we do go.
And so it goes - we continue to do not much because of the heat - though today will ONLY be 104 - below normal which is 105.

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