Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Seven Magic Mountain Trip

This morning dawned cool with no wind. It was sunny when we started our journey but by the time we arrived at our destination it was getting cloudy. 
The car has its new tires and a tank full of gas so we leave the house and driver miles south and west. No man's land heading towards Los Angeles. Well I guess we didn't really go that far but it was a ways. Way south of the Strip. Why were we going that way.a Well to see the Seven Magic Mountains. Why else? After hours of driving...over rough the heat...guess I'm exaggerating a little. It is about 10 miles south of the southern end of Vegas. And it did heat up before we got home. And we were in dirt for a few feet. 
But anyway - there they are! The Seven Magic Mountains. Aren't you excited?
Here is a little information about them. There is lots on line about them too. Click here to read one article. 
Of course I had to walk out to look at them. Getting closer.
They are just painted rocks, but fun.  The sky was clouding up so the colors aren't as bright as they really are. 
Bill is standing there wondering how he got roped into this. See how big they are. 
Just some more pictures of them. 

Artsy fartsy picture. 
Willie wondering why he is looking at this weird thing. 
Oh, look what Bill is getting ready to fly. 
This picture was taken from the drone. See the little people down there. 
And here is a video from the drone. Just going up and looking around and then coming down. We're still trying to figure out how to take pictures and videos. 

Heading back towards town, a neat mural on the I-15.
Stopped at the new Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Soooo noisy in there. And packed. 
On home, it was starting to get warm again. Working on my quilts and watching soccer today.


Doug and Nancy said...

Sheesh - I just about had to take a Gravol watching that drone flight, especially at about the 48 second mark when it makes a sudden movement!! Looks pretty cool and the pictures are spectacular!! I can see why you wanted to go, even if Bill didn't!! (wink!)

Carol and Bill said...

the more he learns to use the drone the more fun it will be.