Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cool enough to open the doors!

Tuesday morning, not so bright, but early. Lots of storms around us - we can hear the thunder and see some lightening, but here it is dry and very windy. The temperature at 7:00 a.m. was 76 - the lowest it has been for two months. BUT the dew point was 60% so it feels like a shower outside. So much for our famous "dry heat!" We are under a flash flood warning for the whole area. Looking out front.
Looking out back - east. 
Have all the doors open including the garage doors letting the wind bring in some fresh air. Took advantage of the garage being cool and finished grinding all the pieces I have cut. Also cleaned them all off and recut and ground a couple pieces that didn't fit the way they should. [My new grinding bits work SO good.] AsI write this [with the "dew" running down my forehead into my eyes] the cut pieces are ready to foil. That only leaves the blue background left to do. Had to take the tape off first, that was a chore, the heat had baked it to the glass. 
 All the tape off the pieces waiting to be washed, scrub all the outlines for cutting off. Again the heat had baked the paint to the glass. 
 The pattern all cleaned up waiting for the clean glass.
 All nice and clean waiting to be foiled. 
 The hand dandy foiling machines. It still has to be done by hand but these make it much easier. 
Got all the foil on before I had to quit. The dew was pouring down my face. 
Yesterday I slept in till 8:30, guess it was because I only got three hours of sleep the night before. Went to bed at 3 got up at 6:00...Got up at 6 this morning too. 
I got my butterfly quilt sewed together and quilted yesterday. Only the binding left to hand sew and the labels to make for both quilts. In case any one out there that sews is interested - the material I bought I got in Mexico for around US $4.50 for a little over a yard -one meter. It is very nice American cotton. It comes from these fabric houses: Elizabeth's Studio and Timeless Treasures Fabrics of Soho. Prices from around $7.50 to $25+ a yard. 
One of the fabrics I haven't yet used has big sunflower squares and on one of their websites I found a neat pattern to make a table runner using it. 
Later in the day we spent some time out front playing with Bill's drone. He is flying the drone and I'm checking the pictures and video it is taking on a tablet. One of these days we'll both figure out what we are doing.

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