Thursday, July 13, 2017

More of the same

The AC goes off at 10:30 and comes back on at 6:30! And starting this weekend we are looking at [maybe] rain for five days. With temperatures at normal - ONLY 106.
We have most of our yard picked up for the "four-side" inspection next week. Still have to pull the four dead plants up, but need to keep them to give back to the nursery to get new ones. 
I've finished the quilt. It is not big, but I think it is cute. I put double batting under each picture and then stitched around all the animals so they have some dimension. 
 The finished quilt. Colorful and cute. Put a neat backing on it. Cats in all bright colors. 
Now I have my pillows to make. Also got this material in Mexico. Cute for a sewing room. Four different designs, still have to decide how to finish the edges of the pillow off. Ruffles or cording??? Then I have to remember how to do either. Do have to put a border on them to make them big enough. 
Yesterday we went over to Glass Art Inc. here in Vegas so I could buy the rest of the glass for my new window. Also had to get some new grinding bits for my grinder. So now I can do the border then will do the sky. Sure hope I can cut the 3"border strips without too much breaking. 
Other than that not doing much. I finally finished  a jigsaw puzzle I was working on. Now we can use the dining room table again. 
Sorry about not having anything to write about, but it is just too hot to go out and about.


NormSusan said...

Baby quilt is so cute. You will soon have lots to write about because summer will be gone in a blink. Time seems to fly the older you get. lol

Barb said...

Just love that quilt!