Thursday, April 1, 2021

The day after the day after the 2nd shot.

So we got our 2nd shot on Tuesday. Yesterday my arm was really sore, Bill just a little. He also felt a little more tired than usual. I was fine until about 8:30 when I crashed. Could be because we were both up really early. 3 o'clock for him and 4:30 for me. 

This morning I woke up with a headache and some leg aches. Both went away after coffee and moving around so probably not from the shot. So that is over with. 

Yesterday I got the cooking bug. Made four dozen peanut butter cookies and cooked a really good dinner. Originally I didn't plan on making dinner as we had left overs from the night before when I cooked Bill's favorite Paella. But then I saw a good sounding recipe for small red potatoes cooked in crock pot. Seasoned with olive oil, butter, Italian seasoning, garlic and Parmesan cheese. Had to try it. But still didn't plan on making a whole dinner. But changed mind and got hungry smelling the potatoes cooking. Had some chicken tenders in freezer, defrosted them and coated in panko, chia seeds and Italian seasoning. Added lemon juice and capers and butter to the pan. Yum. Also had some frozen asparagus, cooked it in butter and garlic until browned.  So here is our meal. Really really good. 

During the day I'd worked on trying to figure out how to make these earrings. Bought them in Mazatlan but thought I could reproduce them. Harder than it looks. Have started and tore up three times. Finally got smart and made a reference pattern. Will try them again today. That is the original earring in the picture. Going to give it another try today. Have the beads and time so...
Also did go out in the garage, it is finally warm enough to go out there, and did some work on my stained glass. Did some soldering. 
Then got out my scrap glass and started pulling out pieces to make the back ground. 
This is the original hanging I made, the one I'm working on will be a companion to it. So I have a lot of background and framing to do. 
But first I have to lay the horn out on the right sized  blank pattern to make sure I make it will be the same, more or less, size. Also need to get some of the glass I used for the frame. Good luck with that. 
Weird thing happened the other day. I haven't been wearing my FitBit for a while, but it was plugged in charging, I thought, on my desk. When I went on line to my mail there was an e-mail from FitBit telling me my battery was low.??? Checked it and sure enough the charging plug wasn't completely in. BUT to GET an e-mail telling me about it was kind of spooky.
This  morning I figured out how to get Amazon Prime movies etc. on our TV. Surprised me I could do it. Now have to remember to use it. 
Only thing planned for today, gas the car (before prices go up any more) and go to WalMart to see if we can get a honey baked spiral ham. 


Ruth's Life is Good said...

Your dinner looks fabulous!! We watch lots of movies and TV series off of Amazon Prime, they also have quite a few documentaries which we like. One frustrating part is they will show/recommend things to you that are not free, you will look at something and think that sounds good and then figure out it is not free. But there is so much free content you could watch things for years without paying.

Carol and Bill said...

Ruth - we discovered the not free part quickly. Were looking at John Wayne movies and thought we'd watch Hatari - not free... oh well.
Did pay for one I wanted to watch - Hope Springs and might pay for the Leisure Seeker. Read the book and enjoyed it. We are talking about taking the RV out for a week or so between doctor appointments. Not sure yet.