Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Got our second shot this a.m.

More days of not doing much. We did get our 2nd Phizer (sp?) shot this morning. In and out of Walgreens in 20 minutes. So that is done. 

We had a couple of nice days, for both of us, he was warm enough and I wasn't cooking. Today it is cold again, with a strong cold wind. By Thursday it will start warming up again. Might hit 90 by end of week. Not looking forward to that. 

Yesterday I spent most of the day watching the stupid dirt NASCAR races at Bristol. What a fiasco. Half the time the drivers couldn't see out of their windshields, either because if mud on them or so much dust and the setting sun. 

I made a small window hanging for Easter. Didn't notice one of the squares was upside down until I hung it. Oh well. Adds some holiday color anyway. 

Also got some beads out to make another chain to use with the masks. I made two last fall before we left for Mexico and promptly lost one in Arizona. Just want a spare in case one breaks. This is the one I made last year. 
Starting the new one. Lots and lots of tiny beads. 
It is finished. Now I just have to put it some where that I can remember. I prefer to have it hanging around my neck rather then take one off and try to remember to put it on before I reach the doors of a store or office. 
Now that I have some beads out I am going to try to replicate a pair of earrings I bought in Mexico. I like their style and I should be able to figure out how to make them. And as soon as it warms up in the garage I'll go back to work on my stained glass piece. 
All our plants are leafing out nicely and the ocotillo is getting a bloom. Other than that not much going on.


Janet said...

Looks like you are keeping busy! It snowed here on Sunday, blizzard like conditions, don’t think Spring is ever going to arrive, lots of snow, lake still frozen. Glad to hear that there are no new mice sightings, man I just hate mice! Agree with you about Bristol, shocked when they said they would do it again next year. The cost of bringing and removing the dirt and tires, I wouldn’t pay to attend that race. Suarez did a great job, maybe he should switch to the dirt!

Kathy Tycho said...

Glad you got your second poke. Semana santa here so we're sticking close to home. I think your upside down Easter hanging should be a fine remembrance of a very "upside down" year!

Anonymous said...

As the saying goes “two out of three ain’t bad”. If hung by the other end it would be one out of three. Cute hanging and I like Kathy’s suggestion of the “upside down” year.

Carol and Bill said...

Janet - Maybe we could combine the weather from here and there and have something nice. Will be in the 90's here over the weekend.
I too was glad to see Suarez shine. Hope by next year they figure out how to keep track/dirt under control.
Kathy - we too are keeping around home this week as town is full of tourists. When are you going home?
I thought about hanging it upside down, but then the bunnies would really look weird. What the heck, in a week I'll put it away for a year. At l;east it kept me busy

Kathy Tycho said...

We are here until May 8th. The 72 hour window for the PCR test for Canada makes it hard to find a flight home. So..we are flying to LA then Seattle and then Bellingham all in 9 hours. Getting the test there, Uber to the border, walk over, grand daughters car waiting at the border and then drive home, a two day trip. Many other details but we can avoid the expensive 3 day hotel quarantine and the domestic flight home from Vancouver which makes it safer and cheaper for us. Complicated stuff for old people.