Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Something for every one in Vegas

It was just one month ago that we crossed back into the US. Seems much longer than that.  Guess that is because we've had so much going on since we've been home. Mostly the mouse problem. I am happy to say that we have not seen any new signs of mice for about a week. Thank goodness. Either they found another place or ate some of the poison and expired. As long as they stay away I'm happy.  We've also had our first vaccine shot, second one next week. Met our new doctor and had lab work done - goody goody. Broke and repaired my sewing machine. Had a screw removed from Mustangs tire and fixed. Got a new router for our Internet. And a few other things that are not worth mentioning. But been busy. Also having problems with our mail again. Somehow it started to get forwarded to where it goes when we are gone again. More calls to PO. Supposed to be taken care of today. Hope so. 

So between the doctor and the sewing machine we've been on the other side of town a couple of times. 
Forgot what Vegas looks like ...There are a lot more tourists on the Strip then the last time we went by it. 

Heading west crossing the strip. New York skyline. Lady Liberty is wearing a mask. 

The hockey stadium. It looks like a giant copper kettle to me. The team however is great. Leading their division. 
Love the mural on this buildings mural. It goes around all four sides. The building itself is an adult toy store. 
As you can see as this blog goes on there is something for everyone in Vegas. And a lot of the pictures were taken on one street. 
So driving down Industrial St on our way to the sewing machine repair place. Interesting drive. 


From the trenches of World War I all the way to current operations in the Middle East, we have over 1,000 different weapons systems to choose from when you arrive at our Vegas gun range. From handguns and pistols to fully automatic rifles, sub-machine guns to belt-feds and .50 calibers, we have it all here at Battlefield Vegas! Whether you want to practice your aim in the indoor shooting range or take to the outdoor shooting range for some high-adrenaline fun, your Las Vegas adventure starts here.

Most of Nevada is now open. Only night clubs, day clubs and brothels are not allowed to be open yet. 
The Chicken Ranch is a legal, licensed brothel located about 60 miles (97 km) west of Las Vegas near the town of Pahrump, in Nye County, at 10511 Homestead Road.The 17-bed brothel sits on 40 acres (16 ha) of land
The previous pictures were taken when we took the sewing machine in. 
This was on the way home. A castle and knights and jousting if your interested. 
We got home just in time to see the Saint Patrick's day golf cart parade. They also had a Pot of Gold hunt and an Irish food truck. But we missed that. 
Another day. Back to the other side of town. Mount Charleston with its snowy cap. Yesterday it got even more snow. And we got a little rain. And still cold and windy.
Driving back down Industrial on way to pick up sewing machine. Large Adirondack Chair.
Want to rent and drive an exotic car? This is the place. 
Like I said something for every one.  It is an actual legitimate museum. 
Sorry  - the bike thing is beyond my imagination. 
And this is next door. Had to crop the bottom of the sign out...
Ah! the sewing machine repair place. A lot of older machines on display. They were so pretty back then. 
And lots and lots of embroidery thread. Good thing they were industrial sized rolls or it would have cost me a whole lot more to get out of there. My machine is working great again. And it was fixed and ready to pick up in one day. 
So going home we drove down to Las Vegas Blvd. Traffic is a mess there with all the construction going on to repair pipes and building this arch. A little about it. This is where heading north on the Blvd the CITY of Las Vegas actually begins. The Strip is not in the city, it is administered by Clark County. 

Las Vegas Boulevard Gateway Arches

Illuminated arches that are 80-feet-tall now form a gateway to downtown Las Vegas. They are located on Las Vegas Boulevard between St. Louis and Bob Stupak avenues at the base of The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod. Now, visitors have another #OnlyVegas experience to enjoy while visiting. 

Show Girls and an outhouse...Notice the Stratosphere has been renamed to just STRAT now. Guess it took too long to spell out the old name on twitter etc. 
A better look at the showgirls. Circus Circus in the background. 
The rather underwhelming arch. Maybe once all the construction is done it will look better. Once through the arch going south you are out of the City of Las Vegas. 
One block further we turned off The Strip on to a east heading street.  On the way home stopped and picked up a new Blue Ox tow bar for the RV. Expensive day. 
Will try to catch up on other things in another blog. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Lovely! Thanks for the tour. We have only been to Vegas once so we look forward to a "personalized" tour with you guys one day!

Carol and Bill said...

That was the first time I've been down that street in years. Usually no reason to go there.

Jackie McGuinness said...

The showgirls are gorgeous!