Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Friday night Art Walk in Centro.

Friday was the first Friday of the month so it was Art Walk night. Many of the art galleries in Centro open for visitors to roam around in. So we headed over there to go to a few specific places. Took an Uber - sure makes getting any where faster and cheaper.  Weather wasn't cold but had a chill wind as evening went on. Just some flowers in the Plazuela Machado. One lone Poinsettia still alive behind the hedge.

We got there about 5 o'clock. The Plaza doesn't start getting busy until about seven or eight o'clock. But the restaurants are ready. All the tables are in the street that is open for traffic during the day. This Gaia where we often eat. 
Next to it sharing the same old building is the Italian restaurant where we ate the last Friday night we were here. Upstairs is a very fancy restaurant, haven't been there. 
Another side of the Plaza, two old buildings and several restaurants along it. 
Walking up the street towards a place I wanted to go. Stopped at the building that is being restored. Years ago they added so many interesting touches to buildings. 
Went inside to look around again. Always something new to look at. Well not new but not really looked at before. 
All the windows on the second floor. And the roof beams. 
A section of the wall where the old adobe hand made bricks are showing. 
One of the doors on the second floor wall that is still standing. 
Back out walking up the street to this home. When we were first coming here this building was empty and slowly falling apart. About four years ago it was purchased and completely restored. Amazing to watch. Have always wondered about it. It is now part of Art Walk. See the short door next to the second parked car. That is where the art show is through the door. 
Unfortunately there is a power pole in front of it  that make's getting a good picture hard. The pointed part on top is covered in small tiles. The gallery is called "Mind Your Head" which made me think it was a gallery for incense, crystals etc. Actually it is called that because of the very short door you have to duck to get through.

The metal doors that guard the entrance to the gallery. 
Rather large mural on canvas. Finished? In process? No idea. Very different. 
 A closer look at part of it.  Strange!
Another canvas on the side wall, Also a 3-D cathedral hanging from the ceiling. 
More art. 
All of these rooms had low ceilings and small doors. For sure mind you head doors. 
Laying on the floor with a broken chandelier on it
Written above the exit door. " You wouldn't know art if it hit you in the head." Hum...

Didn't notice this mural hanging in the driveway until we were a block away. If we get over in that area again will take a better look at it. 
Walking back towards the Plazuela Machado past some old homes. One door. 
Later we went to another art gallery, Nidart. One of the rooms there leading to upstairs living quarters. So pretty. 
A different piece of art there. 
Mural on the wall. 
After that we went to a restaurant in the Plaza, Pedro and Lolas and had dinner. Left a little after 8 as the cold wind was blowing. Had fun. 

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