Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Bill and I took a walk

Saturday got Bill out to take a short walk in the Wetlands. My first time since we got back. Happy to say that we saw two bunnies, a jack rabbit (no picture, he was too fast) and a pair of geese and a bird I don't recognize. [The most bunnies I've seen on one walk since the flood.]I also got my new straps for my Fitbit so good to go recording steps. The first bunny we saw. He just sat still and pretended he wasn't there. Saw the jack rabbit right after this one, but he was quick to run.

Went on to the Boardwalk Pond and a pair of Canadian Geese were there. Such majestic looking birds. The closest one later caught a small fish or crawdad but I was too slow to get a picture. Need to practice up on my quick focus skills. 
A couple of these guys swimming around. 
No idea what he is. Tom? Kind of pretty sitting on the rock. 

Just an old tree that was in a fire years ago. All of that is the one tree. 

The second bunny, he was making tracks across the path. 
Last time I saw this pond it had been drained, Now full of water again, saw one little turtle head poking up out of the water. 
We did a little over a mile walk. Today I'm going on a regular walk with one of the walkers group. But think I'll be slow and not three miles. Weather is perfect for walking, in 60's with some clouds. This afternoon we are supposed to get a wind storm for a day - gusts to 50 mph. Ugh. lots of dust. 
Got a couple of shots of the full moon the other night. But my camera isn't picking up the colors right. Need to check if I poked a wrong button.
Lots of clouds out though so only was visible for a few minutes. 
A little color in this one, then it was gone. 
Started working on a Saint Patrick's Day suncatcher of stained glass. Didn't get too far, Still pretty cool in the garage, especially with the wind howling. Got some more frames to finish up a couple of Diamond paintings. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

We're not very fond of 'our" Canadian geese!

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie I can imagine, I remember the mess they made every year when we lived in Indiana. One pair we can enjoy.

Doug and Nancy said...

I agree with Jackie. They aren't too popular here. Hard to even walk at our local park for all the bird sh*#t. Grandsons love them though!

Tom said...

carol, that is a Ring_necked Duck