Saturday, March 2, 2024

A couple of neat things happened

On Wednesday Bill saw the retina eye doctor for his shot. Some good news. Doctor says the eye has improved some. And he doesn't get the next shot until nine weeks from now.  Lots better than every five weeks. Seems like the new drug is helping. Fingers crossed. 

And that evening we saw the first bunny in our yard since THE FLOOD. then I saw one the next morning too. (Still haven't had any one from management come to check under the house.)

Took a short walk in the wetlands and got some interesting information. When we left for Mazatlan I had logged in 127 miles of walking there. Had received my 100 mile reward and was on my way towards next reward at 200 miles. Then I found out that on the first of the year every one starts out at zero again!!! Well nuts. AND they changed the rewards...Now at 100 miles you get a journal and a pen - really? I got the really neat water bottle carrier when I got in my 100 miles. And I'm using it. So now back to square one I guess. Should get a button when I've walked out there five times. Well I'm up to seven times this year and so far no button. No walking today as it is super windy out. Gusts up to 65/70 mph. And this is NASCAR weekend. Should be interesting for the drivers. 

So here are a few pictures from that walk. No idea what kind of bird this is and not a really good picture. He was pretty far away and  my zoom was full out. 

Lots of snow on the mountains to the west of the valley. And might snow again today or tomorrow. That cold front is just north of us, but mostly we will just get wind. 

I have three projects going now, my diamond painting, a couple of stained glass suncatchers and a set of table placemats. The diamond dotz about 1/3rd done. Going to be colorful 

My Saint Patrick's Day sun catcher. The pattern on the left and the rough cut glass pieces on the right. Needs a lot of work and time to finish it. 

And my table mats will kind of look like this when done. Have just cut out the pieces, not sewn together and probably will change some before finished. 
Have had terrible winds today., One gust tore part of one of our front wooden awnings loose. Not sure how bad it is yet. too windy to get a good look, but it is banging around.


Anonymous said...

Is eye shot eyela? That's what my husband gets Audrey

Anonymous said...

Good to hear the shots ate helping. Hoping to see you guys when we are in Vegas mid March.

Carol and Bill said...

Audrey the shot is Vabysmo

Carol and Bill said...

Ah Ha , saw your blog today, hope we can meet up somehow. Been a long time since we've seen you.