Thursday, March 14, 2024

Just a post

 Another March day here in Vegas. The wind is roaring again and it is cold out. Winds gusts up to 60. Our awnings are making noises, banging around. Hope they hold this time.  Supposed to be some rain and snow in mountains during day and winds until tomorrow morning. Ugh. Did have one kind of pretty sunset a couple of days ago.

Got to visit with our son who lives in Florida, he was here a couple of days for business so we got in a nice visit. Been several years since we've seen him. And this morning I got a phone call from son who lives here. He asked if we were going to be home as he had a couple of cleaning ladies who were in the area and did I want them to come over.  I sure did. I've been sewing and there were threads all over the house. Also Bill had cooked bacon this morning so stove needed a good grease mop up. Always nice to have some one come and do that. 

I am working on a very colorful small quilt. No idea what I will do with it when it is done, but I saw the pattern on line and really liked it. Just laid it out on the rug to see how many more squares I need and what I want to rearrange before sewing it. 

A closer look, Just six inch squares cut in half the green piece sewed between them and then squared up to six inches. Very simple. Good way to use up bits and pieces of flower material. Not going to be bed sized, just a throw size

Took a walk yesterday, got in 2 3/4  miles. Felt good, need to get back in a routine. Watched a good soccer game last night, Miami won. Racing at Bristol this weekend. Hope some of the cars are better than they were last week. And that is about it for us. 

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