Tuesday, March 19, 2024


 Well miracles do happen once in a while. Heard noise out in the street and two of the managements gardeners were out there...They came to fill the holes that the flood caused under the back and front of our home. (We'd already filled the one out front.) Then they told me they would be back on Friday with rocks to cover the dirt. I hope they have rocks for the front too as most of them washed away with the water and then the street sweeper cleaned them up before we could shovel them back on the yard. Maybe they will eventually send someone to crawl under the house to check for erosion too. Not holding my breath.

And the best laid plans...I plan and fate laughs. Had an appointment to get my taxes done this afternoon. Also got a message from the management that the water would be turned off this morning from 9:30 to ??? - supposed to be only a couple of hours...We shall see.  Why does any of that make a difference? Well last night I flushed the potty and bubble bubble up in my sink. NUTS. So need a plumber, Bill tried plunging and no luck. Plumber was supposed to come this morning, had to call and tell them we wouldn't have any water this morning so - changed appointment to some time between 12 and 4. Hope it is closer to 4, because  who knows for sure when water will be back on. Changed my tax appointment to tomorrow. 

For other news - we walked the last two days in a row. Got in 4 miles one day and 3 1/2 yesterday. Legs are complaining today. A picture of some of the snow on the mountains. It will mostly be gone soon as temperatures are warming way up, high 70's to low 80's.

This is the Wetlands without much greenery. Some of the trees and bushes are starting to get a few buds on them. Now out there it is mostly brown and tan and dark gray. 
A big dark cloud over the mountains. Luckily it wasn't headed towards us. 
Lots of water in the river, guess from  the recent rains. Hard to believe this is right behind our home in the desert. 
My walking friends, all bundled up. I had on shorts and a long sleeve shirt and was warm. 
Just because I like the look of the trunk of this bush. 
I was taking a picture o9f the river from the bridge. Didn't realize there were peopled in it until I looked at it on the computer. Looks like they were taking pictures of a celebration. 

Another picture I just liked. 
Well the water is off now. Hope it is a minor repair for the management. 

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