Saturday, February 17, 2024

Home and busy

 Yes it is nice to be home. I still have some pictures from Mazatlan to write about but will wait a few days to do that. Still busy getting caught up on every thing from trip and getting home. There was an absolutely beautiful sunset this morning but I didn't get a picture of it. Weather here is strange for this time of year. In low 40 a night but up into high 60's during day. Will take it while it lasts. 

So Any Way ... The day before we left Mazatlan we went out to breakfast and had thought we might go some where else for a bit. But changed our minds and went back to hotel to start packing and getting ready to leave. I read and Bill napped some. Later in the afternoon our friend came to pick up the microwave, coffee pot and other things we bought - didn't want to leave them in the hotel! Then we got take out for dinner from the Austin BBQ. A couple of places we'd have like to go to were beyond full. Forgot it was Valentine's Day. So to bed early. Thursday morning, finished packing, went to Pancho's for breakfast. Within walking distance. And it started to rain while we were walking. RAIN - no rain the whole time we were there but RAIN when we have to catch a plane. The cab driver picked us up at 11:30 and we were off. Rain got a little heavier. Dropped us off at airport. We found the really nice clerks at the kiosko who helped us with rest of boarding stuff - printing passes and ordering our - yes OUR - wheel chairs. I was not going to chase Bill through any more airports. So off we went to the boarding gate. It was a long way. Of course we were early. About forty minutes later  ALL THE LIGHTS IN THE AIRPORT WENT OFF.  Oh Oh! Of course the computers went down too. Then they came on, and went off about three or four times. The computers wouldn't reboot. Finally about 40 minutes after our listed boarding time everything was working again and we got on the plane. Had turbulence for about an hour. I don't enjoy that at all. 

Landed in Phoenix - wheel chairs waiting for us. Originally we should have had a little over two hour layover. So glad we had the pushers. They ran through the airport. Got us first in line at customs. (Strange experience. I got up and walked through the x-ray thingy. Bill was going to stay in chair. I was through quickly, then we had to wait for him. A special person had to check him - FOR EXPLOSIVES!!! What the heck. ) On our way again, boy these airports are huge. We made it to our gate 4 minutes before boarding! Don't think we'd have made it without the pushers. 

On our way to Las Vegas - very short flight. It was sunset when coming into Vegas - could see beautiful red sky out the windows. Then another - just one - pusher in Vegas. He pushed both of us plus our baggage. Told us "long hallway, tram, 2 elevators and a bridge" before we would be at pickup. He had me call our son and tell him we would be at column 9 in about 10 minutes. And we were. Son was there a minute or so later. I'm exhausted just writing this! Thank goodness for those people. 

We stopped at a restaurant for dinner then on home. Discovered my gate fob had quit working, so had to go through big gate. No problem. Then could not find my alarm app on the phone, had to redownload it and got it working just as we pulled up front. Phew!

All was good in the house. All my timed lights were on and I'd managed to turn the heat up using the app earlier. App this App that - getting too old for all of that. 

Yesterday put in big grocery order from Walmart, went to breakfast then to Albertson's grocery for produce and what I forgot to order. Then home and unpacking and going through mail etc. Both went to bed early. Bill was exhausted. This morning he got up and went back to bed. Probably needs to recuperate from everything. I'm catching up on bookwork and trip work, doing laundry and trying to figure out how to transfer pictures from phone to computer. 

Tomorrow I'm going to watch NASCAR and nothing else.  So that is that. Will write more about the trip and what was good and bad another time. 


Mark said...

It was a surprise when the pusher parked you 2 right next to me at the Mazatlan airport. It's unfortunate that my plane was boarding just after you showed up. Glad my flight got out of there before the electrical issues. I agree 1000% that the counter staff who check you in at the Mazatlan airport are the greatest. Glad you made it home safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I'm exhausted just reading that. In 2021 we missed our LA to Seattle connection..maybe I should have ordered a wheel chair ! Glad you made it home.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...Kathy, I should have commented on blogger as it knows who I am.

Doug and Nancy said...

Well, that was WAY less stressful than last years return drive! I think I can speak for many when I say how glad we all were that you got back down there. Now we'll enjoy the spring and summer posts of life in the Vegas sunshine! Hugs!!

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - I agree about seeing you in the airport. Enjoyed it though. Thank goodness for the wheel chair people in Phoenix.
Kathy - I haven't flown in over 20 years, the airports have sure grown. So glad we had the wheel chairs even though it makes me feel old.
Doug and Nancy - less in one way, but sure not used to airport travel any more. We were both worn out when we got home. Neither one of us want to fly any where again.