Sunday, February 4, 2024

Half way through our vacation.

Thursday, I think, maybe part of Wednesday. Still working on catching up. Well we are half way  through our vacation. Been trying to do as much as we can. But for some reason the weather has turned quite warm and VERY humid. Which absolutely wipes me out. Bill has actually been out vacationing me. Our biggest expensive of course are eating out and transportation. Have started using Uber which is much cheaper, but can only use it one way - leaving...unless I can connect my phone to someone's Internet - which I am leery about. Just some odds and ends photos I took. Years ago this area was an RVpark Mar Rosa, we stayed there a couple of times. Sat empty for years. Then last year they started work on it. It is now complete, but hard to tell what it is, Got this one picture of it as we went by. Enough to see the name of it and looked it up on line. It is called - Shekina And is a Beach Club. Hum... It looks really expensive, wonder how that is going to work out. Click here to see a few pictures of it. Going to try to get in to see it before we leave. The hands are a bench. 

Looking off our balcony, the night man sweeping the sidewalk and parking area. Every morning. 
Thursday evening we went to Fat Fish again for RIBS. Daniel the cook. They were very good as usual. 
Bill and I walked back to the hotel, only .4 of a mile. This is a nightclub. 
Some of the pulmonias are really decorated and lit up at night. But hard to get pictures of them. Looks like a bear?
Sitting on our balcony looking at Pueblo Bonito across street. And people watching, and vehicle watching. 
Thursday morning, I think, pretty sure. We took Uber to La Antigua for breakfast. 
Got password for La Antigua and used Uber to go to Cerritos Beach.  Not very many boats on the beach still out fishing. We were hoping to watch them come in. Always interesting. They come as close to beach as possible then unload, then everyone around helps lift the front of the boat and put the wheels under them to bring them way up on the beach. Some wheels sitting between the two boats in the picture. 
Looking out across the small bay. Seems like more buildings over there now than before. 
One boat had come in so the buyer in white shirt was weighing the lobsters it had brought in. 
They were alive and wiggling. So colorful. If they were too small they were thrown back in a different bucket. 
The fisherman, the buyer and the accountant. The bucket is full of lobsters. 
A box full of just caught fish. These he is buying. 
Transaction finished. That old white pickup is still running, always amazes me to see it year after year. 
There stairs leading down to the beach. Everything has to be carried up and down them. 
Sorting every thing in the truck and getting ready for the next boat to come in. 
Nothing else going on here so we walked down along the the different shops and restaurants here. 
Guess it was too early for every one to be open. And it was way too hot and humid by then for us to wander around there any more. Even Bill got hit by the humidity. No Internet so had to take pulmonia back to hotel.
Stayed inside rest of day. Friday we had a busier day. In the evening we went to Centro. It was Art Walk night. Met Sheldon and Debbie there, walked around some and then had dinner at Pedro and Lolas. More about that later. 


Anonymous said...

Next time you should get a Mexican sim card and the 200 peso Amigo sin limite plan which has 3G of data and you could call Didi. Kathy

Carol and Bill said...

Our phones are locked. Also pretty sure this is the last time to come here, I miss the comforts of home.