Sunday, February 11, 2024

Part 1 El Quelite Town of many colors.

 If you don't like colors, just skip over this blog. It is all about color. Lots of pictures, very little blah blah. We took a trip there a week or so ago, just getting around to sorting all the pictures. Every one who has ever followed this blog, know we love El Quelite for its beauty. Getting there has changed though. We used to be able to take the thick gray line. And for a while when the El Quelite bridge was out we took the think gray line. Now have to take the blue line because the bridge that goes over the 15D - main highway - is being worked on. The trip is 24.6 miles according to Google Maps.

Taking the new route we passed a hotel called Las Vegas. They have this mural on the front of the building. Interesting. 

No pictures on route because I was in the back of the van. So will start with the restaurant. El Meson D  Los Laureanos. After the flooding a few years ago there have been many changes to the Restaurant. The floor used to be dirt. It is now cobblestones with beautiful tile insets. 
We of course ate there. This is Bill's meal, it is especially prepared for him. Talk about friends in high places!
One of our many friends there. Dora. We have know her since the iguana incident many, many years ago. What is the iguana incident you ask? Well the first time we went there an iguana in the tree pooped on my head and back. Dora rushed to my aid and helped me wash my hair and gave me a shirt to wear while they washed my blouse and dried it. I was know for years as "The Iguana Lady." She still makes sure to point out to me where the iguana is when we go there. Sad to say she is retiring this year. So glad we got to see her again. 
Just a picture of the seating, Under umbrellas. 
A beautiful mural in the back room. For long time RVing in Mexico readers - Remember Tioga George? I have a picture of us standing in front of the mural on one of his last trips to Mexico. "The Good Old Years!" It feels like you can just walk into the picture.
Still in the very back room. The colors - the colors. This wall has been repainted recently and the lady has had her arm replaced. So many things to look at on this one wall. 
Same wall.
Same wall. Sometimes there are iguanas drinking from the top of this.
The middle room. Another mural in tile. This room is full of interesting things but the lighting is not good and there were several people eating there.
Back out in the front of the restaurant. Love this old tree. 
Again so much to look at. I don't remember seeing this the last time we were here. 

Through a door, more interesting things to look at. 
Another mural through a door that leads to the upstairs. 
Same mural, just a far corner of it. 
Of course I had to go upstairs. Looking across the wash - the wash that filled up with rushing water and flooded the restaurant and half the town a few years ago. Check out this plant. Gorgeous. Wonder how long it has been growing. I know I have several pictures of it over the years. 
A closer look at the strange flowers. 
A wall on the building upstairs. Colors. 
And more colors. How could you not like being here!
The wash used to have turkeys, hens, roosters, burrow and goats in it. Also a play yard for children. All washed away in the flood. 

AH HA look who is on the roof. 
Going to stop here as this is getting too long. More tomorrow or the next day on El Quelite. Today we are going to La Martina, probably for the last time, so will have to take lots of pictures from there too. 


gumo said...
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Doug and Nancy said...

Another wonderful and colorful trip. We loved our tour with you last year.

gumo said...

Yes, I remember Tioga George! He started it all! 😃 His blog is still live and I enjoy reading his old posts. I tried typing this last night but the auto correct wouldn’t work for me. Enjoying your trip this year! Thanks for posting.