Monday, February 19, 2024

Another visit to La Martina Restaurant.

I'm cheating today and writing about Mazatlan trip. Lots of pictures. We took what was probably our last trip to La Martina Restaurant the other day. Even with the detour because of the bridge work over the 15D it was only 20 miles.
The ride was uneventful and the day was perfect. Sunny but not too hot. Blue sky. As we turned into the parking area we noticed all the corn growing. It is getting big, some ears are starting to form. Will they use it for tortillas. 
This bougainvillea gets bigger and bigger. It is one plant with two different colors of bloom. 
The veranda in front of the restaurant. Again bougainvillea growing over the arches. So pretty. And the use of Mexican Pink paint on the building. 
The vines are starting to cover the ceiling of the veranda. 
Looking up at the ceiling and vine. Looks like a wasp nest. Didn't see any thing flying around it. 
And a very tiny bird's nest. 
Just a ceramic piece next to a beautiful big plant. 
A closer look at the colorful bougainvillea. 
Inside on the walls of the patio area. These are really cute. The faces/heads are three-D. 
We sat at our regular table on the back deck. One of the meals ordered. Enchiladas with an almond nut mole sauce. The presentation is amazing. It should be framed! Was told it was also delicious. 
Took a walk around the back yard. The plants are flourishing and the building is beautiful. What a setting for a wedding...
This building is now used as a shop for maintenance. At one time it was going to be used as a small store to sell local items and foods. 
One of the weirdly shaped cacti around the building and walkways. 
A closer look at one of them. 
The fence is made of cacti. Very effective I imagine. 
Looking across the huge lawn to the building. I love the steps.
All the different tiles on the stairs. I always imagine a bride slowly coming down these stairs to meet her husband to be.
Don't know if this building is being used or not. Was built to be dressing room for events. 
A grove of trees behind the fence. Two or three of the trees had what looks like oranges growing on them. 
One of the strange cacti. See the little nub of new growth.
More of the strange cacti. Notice the one normal arm coming out of it. 
A big wood oven for bread and slow cooking of meat. 
Just colors.
Always been attract to this picture. So colorful. 
Another painting. Do you think our HOA would have a stroke if we replicated it on our patio wall. 
A stalk of corn growing out of a pot in the patio. 
A cute knick knack shelf. 
On the way home Sheldon and Debbie stopped to shop at a roadside market. 
They bought the cute little piggy bbq. 
The owners son. 
And that was another amazing day spent with friends and in Mazatlan. 


SandyM said...

So many lovely photos! Could the little nest be a hummingbird nest….have only seem pictures of them and not sure they are usually so exposed!? If your patio wall can not be seen from the street who could object as I do not think you have homes behind you. I like the picture above the burro and could see that framed and hanging on your patio wall. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Doug and Nancy said...

Lovely as always and we remember well our trip there with you. Hoping you will be there again next winter. Hugs.