Tuesday, September 13, 2016

We will be getting neighbors - maybe

Ah - a below 100 day with a few more to come. One of the few nice sunrises we've had. There just haven't been any clouds in the sky for a while. 
 Taken on one of my few walks. I really like this flowering bush. It has flowers all summer. 
 While walking around the park I noticed a couple of these signs on vacant lots. Build your dream home here. I would guess they mean pick out how your want your manufactured home's interior built. 
 And look who is home. All his problems fixed - we hope. Talking about taking another short trip soon. I did get it all vacuumed and mopped before putting him back in storage. 
 This is the vacant lot next to us. They just tore down the big bush that was growing in the front of the lot. We asked why and found out they will be putting a new home in there sometime in the next month. 
 But first they have to level it out. So they are bring in loads of dirt and one poor guy with a shovel is moving the dirt around. Come on get a machine in there to do it. 
 Looking across the street. They are also supposed to put three new homes across the street from us. Same time frame. Wow - our neighborhood will be changing. Hope the new homes aren't all the same style and color and that they sell quickly. 
Had to go to doc this morning. We both had blood work done and I had a bone scan to check for osteoporosis. Appointments were for 8:00 and we were out of there with everything done by 9:30. Go in Friday for results. 
While out I bought the material I need for one of my projects - caught it on sale 40% off. We stopped at IHop for breakfast. Noticed they had new menus - every time there are new menus its because of price going up. Sure enough an omelette is now 13/14 dollars. And the exact same meal I get at Denny's for $4 cost $7.59. We said thank you, no and left. Get real IHop you are a coffee shop not a RESTAURANT.
Got home in time to watch a Barcelona game. They were really playing good today. Won 7 to 0 and were playing a good team. 
I am so sick of all the political bs on TV. Can't wait until it is all over. I'd rather watch a shopping channel. 
Got the notice today that our section of the park will be "Inspected" next Monday and Tuesday. They are doing a 4-sided inspection - will go all around the houses. Don't want any junk stored anywhere on lot, landscaping has to be taken care of. And there aren't supposed to be any tchotchkies in the yards. Some front yards look like a flea market with half the stuff faded and/or broken. I wonder if they are going to be able to enforce it. Guess we'll see. Also guess we better get the jeep out of the back yard. Good time to take a little trip. 


Phil said...

I think that bush with the red flowers is called a "Mexican Bird of Paradise." Do you have the Sunset book on Western Gardening? Very handy for identifying plants, as well as garden tips.Look for it at yard sales or second hand book store.

Carol and Bill said...

I'll look it up. I sure like it. Been trying to get Bill to put a couple in our yard. But with us being gone so much... Maybe next spring when we get home and will be here long enough to baby it through its first few months...