Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Another day of life in Vegas

I will be so glad when this election is over. No matter what any one says it is analyzed and re -analyzed to death. Come on new channels - there are other things going on all over the world...
Yesterday was another over 10,000 step day. And I threw out the last remaining bit of the brownies and my jelly beans are down to a handful - so weight loss here I come. 
For the last week or so we've been having problems with the Internet. So very slow, kept tell in "cannot find that web address", not responding etc. So yesterday I bit the bullet and called Cox. Turns out I should have called them sooner. Never had to talk to a person. Recording asked problem said our router would be reset. To unplug it for 30 seconds, plug back in and wait about 5 minutes. Did as instructed and every thing is working great again. Recording also said to call back and ask for tech support if that didn't work. 
Yesterday was really overcast here all day so I was surprised when I looked out last evening and saw this pretty sunset. 

This morning I think I got up way too early. Was having a nightmare about political figures...
At least it is cool enough in the morning for Bill to go out and play in the garage. Remember the tiles we bought in Mexico a year or so ago. He is finally getting started on building the window boxes for the two front windows. Will put artificial plants in them - mostly greens. 
 And this was the extent of our sunrise this morning, One tiny cloud of pink. 
 When I went out to walk there were a few more colored sections, but not much. We are on the very edge of the storm that was Hurricane Paine. It is mostly in Arizona. 
 Looking West towards the mountains on the other side of Vegas the sky is still blue. Weatherman says IF we get rain it will be east of the I-15. Well we live about as far east as we can get and still be in Vegas. So....
 And this is looking east over the Wetlands. Lots of gray clouds. 
 I guess he thought if he sat really, really still I couldn't see him.
We'll spend most of the day home waiting for the delivery of our replacement credit card. That's okay I have started on my Christmas bed throw. And am going to put a bunch of Halloween embroidery in the sewing machine. Maybe I'll make a new window hanging. 
Time to leave the sewing for a while. I sewed two pieces of one square together backwards. Then cut my finger with the scissors while undoing the stitching. Did manage to get my finger away from material without bleeding on it. Time to go read. 

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