Wednesday, September 21, 2016

When someone has way to much time on their hands

Up before daybreak again. And managed to keep busy the whole day. Ready to finish this and have some ice cream and read/watch TV. 
We had the patio door open this morning, Bill was in the garage and I was in the sewing room. Went out to the kitchen to get some coffee and found two pigeons in the dining room. Again I lucked out they flew right out the open door they had come in. day real soon we will get a screen door for the patio door. I like the fresh air but not the company. 
What was I doing in the sewing room? I decided I wanted a window hanging for the season. So yesterday I looked up some designs, settled on five of them and transferred them to the card that goes in the embroidery machine. Got started on them this morning. This is the first one getting embroidered. All I have to do is change the colors. The machine does all the rest. 
 Bill got a hold of my camera and came looking for me. Three of the other designs and some of the thread I would be using. In front of the sewing machine is my cutting table with a big insulated cover on it so I can use the iron to press what ever I am doing. 
A better view of the "sewing room"  My material in the one corner. Another corner has a small desk with my laptop that has all my embroidery designs in it and a printer.
 Spent most of the day working on the designs, well along with watching two soccer games with Bill and watching a NASCAR program. I wanted to get them done and close up the machine and fold up the table as the ladies are coming to clean tomorrow and believe me this room needs a good vacuuming - bits of thread all over the carpet. 
Will I was doing my thing Bill was out in the garage building one of the window boxes. This is the frame for it. He used the wood to spray paint more of my pine cones this morning. 
 Here they are. Kind of looks like a little garden doesn't it. I really like the effect. 
My Christmas quilt is also coming right along I have all fourteen squares done and pressed. I thought I had enough red material to make the sashing for between the squares but after checking I don't think I do. So another trip to JoAnns. Will need material for the backing too. My little projects I've been doing to use up scraps of material I had are costing me money. With backing material and trim and the batting I might have to go stand on the corner holding a sign that says, "Help I need money for my hobbies." Or start a GoFundMe page. I wonder if that would work. 
Had filed an extension for my taxes. Finished and emailed them today. What a joke. Pretty much had them all done using Turbo Tax a couple of weeks ago. So today decided to give them one more once over and file. Since two weeks ago Turbo Tax has changed their whole format. Everything had to be redone. And all the extra things they have added "for my protection" are a crock. But its done and over with.Enough I hear the ice cream calling me. 

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