Sunday, October 2, 2016

Projects big and small

Beautiful fall day here in the desert. Nothing much to write about. Except projects being worked on and/or finished. I want to start by mentioning our youngest son's [the one that lives here in Vegas] project. He found and restored a 1961 Dorsett Boat. Here is a link to his blog about all the work he put into it. The boat when he found it. A link to his blog  Detailed chronicle of all his work on it.
This weekend it went into the water at Lake Mead. Here's another link to part of the blog. 
Lots of hard work went into it. Job well done - proud of you. 
Also proud of Bill. He has finished the two front window  boxes. The first one is done and up. I mentioned in the last post that each and every tile was a fraction of a hair different in size, squareness and thickness. Bill spent all morning grinding them down to fit the first window box. 
This time he got smarter - the old saying "Use a bigger hammer" worked just fine. 
Putting the goop on one of the tiles. 
Only one more piece to go on and the second box will be done. 
Between the two of us we muscled them outside and up under the windows. I held and he attached. (Was going to say screwed - but that didn't sound right.)
Now we have to find the greenery to put in them. Don't want anything real. So looking for good looking fakes that hopefully won't fade for a few years. - cheap lol. 
And my latest project - another window hanging for November after I take the Halloween one down. Just have the embroidery done, still needs to be put together. 
Two soccer games and two races today. All of them over by 1:30 - weird living in Pacific time after years in Eastern time zone. 


SandyM said...

Like the flower boxes very much - both of you guys are so talented!

Carol and Bill said...

That's what happens when you have too much time on your hands. You have to do something to fill it.