Monday, October 3, 2016


Didn't do too much today. Bill went to the RV to run the generator for a while then we went to CVS - still trying to get our meds straightened out. Gave me the wrong one the other day - right med just wrong dosage -  so had to give me a refund and haggle with the insurance company to see if they will pay for the right one...Won't know until tomorrow. 
Finished my Fall window hanging, have to wait until after Halloween to hang it. 

Decided we needed to participate in the big park wide garage sale on the 15th - yes this time we will do it. So started dragging stuff together and pricing it. Emptied a good part of the shed. Of course, now it is in the garage until the 15th. I've got some things here in the house I really should get rid of - like some nice stained glass pieces, big window sized pieces,  that are just sitting under the futon in the sewing room. No where to put them up here. Also two milk glass night stand lamps with stained glass shades. In the closet since we moved here. But I feel bad practically giving them away. Will have to think on it for a while. Got a suggestion to put prices on items using blue painters tape and a Sharpe. The tape comes off easily. 
One of the things that came to mind  while doing that was the old Craft of the Month Club. Had to have been in the early 70s. Every month I got a different craft project in the mail. I know they must have been inexpensive because I kept most of them to do. If you didn't want it you sent it back. Every month it was something different. Every thing needed to make it came in the box. My gosh - one still exists. But the price has gone way up. 
Was watching something on TV about the Yukon and got to thinking about when I was a little girl I got a certificate for 1 inch of land in the Yukon. Had something to do with Sargent Preston and his dog Yukon King radio program. And bless the internet - guess I never really owned that land.  Shucks, here I thought I might be rich. LOL.
Weather is wonderful for the next week or so
How bored am I? Well I'm out gathering up rocks to make yard art. The rules didn't say anything about Cairns. Going to hunt on the vacant lots by us for some bigger ones,
That's all folks.

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