Friday, October 21, 2016

Every one is finishing projects

This picture was taken on Wednesday. The gas company workers had dug their hole and put a big metal plate over it. In fact they dug two holes on our block. Had big crews in here doing a lot of work. 
This morning the big metal plate was removed and the asphalt filled in. Guess the gas company's work is done here on our street. Pretty quick work replacing all the pipes.  Had to laugh at the guy running the tamping down machine. With each thump his pants slid lower down his backside. 
On Wednesday the park also moved in another house down the street from us. Its the lot where the big pretty bushes used to be. The first section moved in. A couple of guys were also working on the new home right next to us. Busy busy day. 

 This is right in front of us - the gas company. 
 And here comes the other half of the new home. 
 This is the newest home. All leveled and put together by yesterday afternoon. 
In the mean time I've been busy - finally finished the angel I'm making for a friend. Now just have to figure out how to pack it for shipping so it doesn't get broken
 Also finished my Irish sun catcher. Doesn't show it here but it is really pretty hanging in a window with the sun coming through it. Still have to put patina on the solder, but have to go buy some first. What I had leaked and dried up when we moved it here. 
Last night we met our son and his family for dinner at the Green Valley Ranch Casino. It was for Bill's 80th birthday which is coming up on Saturday. Walked around some while waiting to go to dinner. 
Guess I haven't been in a casino for a while. Couldn't begin to figure out how some of these slots work. One even had a "Help" button. So I pushed it and up came page 1 of 11. Gad need a college degree to gamble now days. They take no change - either bills or tickets. 
We ate dinner at Hanks Fine Steakhouse in the casino. It was one of the best steaks I've ever had! The entire meal was outstanding. Three people waiting on our table, Music was a little loud, but guess that is an old people thing. Attention and food was fabulous. 
Spent this morning on the phone with our prescription insurance - Silver Script. Got a couple of meds straightened out. The customer service there is really good, in fact every time I've had to call them they are very efficient and helpful. So by Monday we'll have everything we'll need for the winter. 
Took care of a few other - going away - odds and ends. And watched some of the practice for the races this weekend at the crap shoot Talladaga. 


Contessa said...

Happy Day tomorrow Bill.

I like the wee porch on the house.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you very much.... will see you soon in Mexico!

NormSusan said...

Happy 80th Birthday Bill and we wish you a wonderful year ahead. We hoped to finally meet you guys but don't think we will get to Mazatlan this year as we have already booked a two week vacation in Rincon de Guayabitos in December. Safe travels when you head out.

Wendy said...

Have a great birthday Bill

Carol and Bill said...

Bill says thank you very much. Who kows nmaybe we'll still meet up somewhere.

Carol and Bill said...

Bill says thank you.