Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day of Rest

Actually more of a lazy day. Finished quilting my quilt and have the binding sewed on. Except for the part I have to do by hand. Did most of it while watching the day's two NASCAR races. #18 had a bad day {blown tire, pit penalty and accident] but still managed to finish 6th and stay 3rd in points. 
Went to the market and pharmacy. Pharmacy to start stocking up on meds for our time in Mexico. Went to GoodRX for coupons for most of them. Smith's Pharmacy had the best prices for all but one of them. With the coupons the prices weren't bad. However, one of Bill's and one of mine there are no coupons for or even with coupons they are over $300 for 1 month...Hopefully I can talk the doctor in to giving me some samples because even with the vacation override I won't have enough to last me. We'll be able to refill Bill's just before we leave and get an override. 
Fixed a good dinner and now Bill is watching the debate. I'm in here listening to it. 
And that was it for today. 
Haven't walked for a few days and haven't even taken any pictures.
Best get with it tomorrow. 

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