Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall down go boom.

Well today didn't turn out the way I expected it too. We were going to go visit the big Veterans Memorial here in Vegas and drive around looking at the new murals downtown. But first we stopped for breakfast...Well, grace here, managed to trip up the curb. Cannot believe how fast I went from standing to banging my knees and hands. My first thought was, "Is anything broken? and Did anyone else see me fall?" So I moved my parts and was glad to discover everything moved as it should. Bill extended his hand to me to get up but I just wanted to sit for a few minutes. Still taking stock of my parts. Then I thought, I'd better get up before anyone else saw me sitting on my behind in the parking lot. It did take some pulling from Bill to get me upright again. Hands and knees took the brunt of the fall. My left hand, around the pad of the thumb, was black and blue by the time we got in the restaurant. 
And by the time we left just below my left knee there was a big lump that was starting to get purple. 
My other knee and hand just have some road rash. I figured out that the toe of my sandal just caught the edge of the curb...then down I went. Used the restaurant restroom to clean off the pebbles and dirt.
Then we went on to the market and the 99 cent store. Surprisingly enough I don't hurt anywhere [yet]. Doesn't hurt to walk or to type. But think I'll be wearing long pants for a few days. 
Tomorrow we have to go to the mall - I kind of think I'll be sore but we'll see. 
Little by little we are getting things ready to leave. Have bags of stuff in the laundry room waiting to go into the RV. Will load everything up on Wednesday. And our son is sending his ladies over Wednesday to clean the house. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

I did that early this summer. Crossing the street and a car with NY plates was blocking the cross walk. As I look up to give them a dirty look, my sandal caught a pot hole and I wend down just like that!!! Felt stupid, lunch hour downtown summer.
Skint knees and hands, aches the next day.

Carol and Bill said...

The places that are bruised don't hurt but lots of other parts sure do. My shoulder woke me up at 2:00 a.m. - took an Advil and went back to sleep. And today we start to load the RV...