Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Thank goodness for strong bones and Aleve.

November 1st already. I woke up this morning at 2 a.m. with parts of me screaming for Advil - actually I meant Aleve. So got up and took some. Funny the bruised knee and hand don't hurt at all. It my should and ankle on that side that are angry with me. 
Went back to bed but didn't really get much more sleep. Got up early enough to see the sunrise. 
Worse looking today than yesterday. Swelling is down but bruise is bigger. 

Got to thinking about it - there is something about me that likes to break things when getting ready to take a trip! Years ago a few days before we were heading to Baja in the RV I fell out the back door and broke my foot and sprained my ankle. We went anyway with my foot looking like a football with five sausages on the end of it. Maybe that's why at time it still swells up and hurts. Another time just before bringing the other Class C to Vegas for it's first trip I broke my toe. Again all swelled up and purple. Then in Mexico just before getting ready to come home I broke another toe. Bill says that if I didn't go barefoot I wouldn't have problems. Well when I broke the foot I had on shoes and yesterday it was the shoe that caused the fall.
Off we go this morning to the mall for early voting. Only in Vegas, Elvis telling you to vote. 

Bill got going early and brought the RV here so we could start loading it. This will be the first LONG trip in it so we will be taking a lot more stuff then we've taken in our short hops. Need to figure out where to put stuff, mainly groceries. Maybe instead of taking it back to the storage area the office will let us park it overnight in one of the empty driveways across from us. HA HA. Have to go up there to pay the monthly fees and utilities today - I'm still pissed about the pine cones and needles. I want to take them the three that came down yesterday in the wind.
Good thing he got an early start as the street was busy again today. Working on both of the new homes today. 
 New neighbors moving in.  
The office gave us permission to park in this driveway overnight but it is too steep to get Arvi in so Bill took him back to the storage area. We've got almost everything loaded in, just some last minute items to go. 
Whoops, forgot to get anything out for dinner, salads I guess. Boy I ache in places I didn't know I have. 


Tom said...

I am having Carrot Cake Nov. 4th, how about you...

SandyM said...

Sorry for your spill but thankful it is not broken bones. Beautiful sunrise pictures. Traveling mercies for your trip.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you.

Carol and Bill said...

We're probably going to be in Quartzsite the 4th - so unless I make it or buy a piece at WalMart here tomorrow...
Thank you for remembering. We'll be in your area in a couple of weeks.

Unknown said...

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