Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Were we in Kansas last night?

It sure felt like we were in Kansas last night. I thought Arvi's wheels came up off the ground with the wind. It was really, really blowing. Left the bathroom window open a crack. when we finally went to bed. Bill had to get up and close it in the middle of the night cause the towels were blowing off the towel holders. What a racket. And it was hitting us head on thank goodness. Still blowing hard today. Glad we aren't on the road. 
Hope it lets up before tomorrow as our plans have changed again. I am going to stop writing about plans and just write about what we are actually doing. We went to Camping World this morning to check it out and were told it might take up to two weeks to diagnose, get okay from Jayco and order part and put it on. Bill decided we didn't need the jacks that bad. Will have them taken care of when we get home. So tomorrow morning we leave for Amado, AZ.
When we got back to this campground we did some walking around. Each space if very big. Here sit Arvi and Willie...
Internet is iffy - sometimes times I can pick it up other times can't. This is really a park for people to come and spend the winter, then they get their own Internet installed.
There was a craft fair here this morning. We walked around a little. Saw a metal ocotillo that I'd like for our yard at home. Guy came down from $250 to $100. Sorry, no where to carry it in the RV.
And there were a lot of quilts for sale, liked this one. 
Also walked around and checked out some of the hobby shops. A huge wood working shop. This is a jewelry making shop. 
And a wonderful stained glass shop. All shops have teachers and places for the people working there to keep "their" stuff.
Also saw a sign up sheet for people to work/act/dance in the theater on site. 

Saw this guy as we were leaving. Isn't he cute?

The bruising on my leg is clearing up. The big lump right below the knee is still there and pretty red, and every once in a while reminds me with sharp little pains. And most of the leg between the knee and ankle is now swollen. A new development is the side of the leg hurts when I poke it. I know - don't poke it. I keep telling myself it would hurt even if I was still 30, but not sure I believe it. 
So anyway tomorrow morning we leave for Amado - only 41 miles. It is where we stay every year going and coming. Only about 23 miles from the border so makes a good starting place. Also it feels like home we've been there so much. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Ahhh......SO jealous that we aren't going this year. You'll have to holiday for us all! Glad to have you as our friends!!

Tom said...

Maybe we will pass you. Headed to Tucson today. See you later though.

Carol and Bill said...

Wish you were coming. Hopefully this year we'll do more traveling. But at our age it is easy to do nothing.

Carol and Bill said...

What a wind today on the way down. Glad we weren't going far. We'll be here at Mountain View until at least next Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are races...

Contessa said...

Arriving in Amado on Tuesday but already going out for dinner with friends who live in Tubac. Can you get Bill to check out pullthru #49. They say we can get it ( our usual site is booked ). Our big concern is pulling in with the tree branches sticking out. Bill will know for certain if we can do it. The office is closed there TUesday so it would be a help. We are only there for one night as we head for San Carlos on Wednesday. Can you email me if you reply?


Carol and Bill said...

sent you an email

Carol and Bill said...

sent you an email