Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hope the tide is turning

And Friday and Saturday continued to go downhill. Had another mobile RV repair man come over to check out the jacks. He could not fix them. He suspects it is the pump for the hydraulic system. Told us that on Monday he could call Jayco and order one and it would be here sometime next week. We said no thanks, not a week in Quartzsite. [$75 service call!] So I called Camping World in Tucson and we have a 9:00 a.m. appointment for diagnosis. Of course then they’ll probably have to order the part. If we have to spend some time there it is okay lots of things to do and see in the car.
I slept out on the sofa bed the last two nights. Let Bill go to bed early in the bedroom. He is absolutely miserable with a really bad cold and sore throat. Heard him coughing all night. I got up at 5 a.m. to get out the little heater and turn it on – gets cold here in the desert nights. So then was wide awake.6:30 now and it is just beginning to get light.
And then I decided to make pot of coffee…da da…I blew a fuse or breaker. No 120 power in front and bathroom. Tried resetting the GFC switch in the bathroom, but nothing happens. Haven’t shared this wonderful news with Bill yet.
And I called Camping World in Tucson and we have an appointment there Thursday morning.
So now it is Sunday morning – will finish about yesterday – it was a scary day. Bill ran a fever the whole day just a little over 101. When he got up a couple times, he was really dizzy and unsteady on his feet. He even asked about finding a doctor he felt so bad. There are absolutely NO doctors in Quartzsite that one can get ahold of over the weekend – at least not “before the season”! Talked to the office here – told me either call an ambulance or drive to Blythe or Parker. Bill almost was good with that. But didn’t even want to get up and get dressed. Then I remembered the ampicillin the doctor gave me in case I got another infection. So started giving them to him. Finally got him to eat a little soup and kept forcing liquids in him. We were wondering if his COLD had morphed into something more serious.
My feelings by then were “go the heck home.”
But anyway, this morning he feels quite a bit better. Thank God. He still is not himself. But he got up and got dressed and ate something. And put one latch on one of the outside cabinet doors that the second RV guy forced open.
Now he is back in bed. While he was up he showed me where the breakers are and reset the one I blew. So now we have electricity for the laptop, nooks, coffee pot, toaster etc. Lesson learned. We’re not in the Alfa any more.
Today is a soccer and race day, so we both should be amused during the afternoon. I just have to remember our TV is on NV time and with being in AZ the time didn’t change for
us here. And most of the time we are in Mexico we will be on Mountain time too.
At least the weather is good, warm during the day and pretty cool at night. We’ll continue to stay here tonight and maybe tomorrow night. See how he feels. If we do leave tomorrow we won’t be going far, just 125 miles to Gila Bend. Then on to Tucson the next day.

Has not been a great beginning to a winter trip. 


NormSusan said...

Sorry to hear that your trip is off to such a miserable start. Hope Bill feels better soon and you can carry on. Take care of yourselves.

Carol and Bill said...

He felt enough better to get up and get dressed today. But still coughing and dizzy. We are going to stay here for another couple of days.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Sending positive vibes for Bill!

tom said...

come back to indiana,, i know a nice house ready to move into.

Carol and Bill said...

a nice house?

Carol and Bill said...

Feeling much better today, back on the road tomorrow.