Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hello from San Carlos, Mexico

As you can see from the header we are suffering in the sunshine.
Got up way to early this morning, had to wait quite a while for the sun to come up. 
Is it light out yet?
We finally left Amado at 7:00. Stopped in Rio Rico at the Pilot there to fill the tank. At $1.89 a gallon it was a no brainier. I read yesterday that unleaded here in Mexico is US$2.84 a gallon. 
We took exit 4 off the 19. The easiest route for us to get into Mexico. 
Got to the US border and there was no one around. We took the truck lane and sailed right through. Around the curve and here we were, in Mexico.
Coming up to the first Mexican checkpoint.
We have to go through the area to the right of the gate and the left of the barriers. Didn't seem as tight as it did when going through in the Alfa. And of course it isn't straight, there is a little curve to it. 
Over to the far right to the RV/Bus lane. A woman came out and stood in the middle of the lane so we had to stop. Last year at this check point the person asked for the papers for the Jeep. We gave her the registration and she walked back to the Jeep. Don't know what she looked at but she came back and handed us the registration and waved us on.
This year she asked to come in so opened the door for her. She came up the steps and looked around then asked for the paper for the RV. Again I gave her the registration. She looked at it and handed it back and left. Waved us on our way. She didn't check the vin number, the plates or anything. 
I hate when you are driving down the road in your own lane and suddenly you see an arrow pointing the other direction. Jeezz. When you are done with the repair, paint the darn arrows. 
Kilometer 21. This is where we got our paper work done the other day. Today we just trucked right on by it. Again there is no one around who wants to check anything. 
Just a painting on the hillside. Lots of paintings on the rock of the Virgin. Can't tell if this one has steps up to it. There is something there painted red and white. 
You see these signs every so often. I've written the number down in our route book. Hope we never have to use it.
Ah - a tope - if you see a couple people standing on either side of the road you can bet there is a tope there. A tope is a speed bump. But there are all sizes and shapes. You don't want to hit one unexpectedly. In this case the white lines crossing the pavement are just white paint. Not always the case.  
OMG The orange cones are following us. 
Now these white lines are a different story. They are vibradores and just like it sounds - they will vibrate the fillings out of your teeth. See the metal lumps in the first line. Every other line Has them. As you go along the lines get closer together. You bet every one slows way down for them. 
The new concrete highway going in on the north bound side. Hope it is all done by the time we go home. Most of the road wasn't bad today. Lots of it has been repaved. A lot of construction going on south of Hermosillo. 
It took us 1/2 hour to go through Hermosillo. A lot of that road has been redone. But a lot of it needs much work. Marked very well for travelers going south. We did get a surprise at one intersection when we stopped for a red light. All of a sudden the windshield was getting wet! WTH? Two teenage boys were washing the window, one on each side of the cab. When we were driving the Alfa no one could reach the windows and when we're in the Jeep it is just automatic to watch for them and tell them NO. They did a good job and Bill gave them some Pesos, but don't think they were happy with the amount. 
We got to San Carlos at 1:15. A little over 6 hours to do 285 miles, also includes stop for gasoline. Three toll booths today to the tune of US$24. 
We are again staying at Totonaka RV Park. Around US$24 a day if you stay a week. So we will stay the week. They have good WiFi. 
After getting set up we headed out to eat. Ended up on the beach. Oh poor us. Both had fish and chips, very good. Sat and enjoyed the view. 

No pretty sunset here tonight. Strange to not have the TV on. No plans for tomorrow. 


Doug and Nancy said...

So jealous....enjoy Totonaka!!

Carol and Bill said...

The roads continue to get better but it was still a long day for us. We'll be here for a week. RELAXING

NormSusan said...

Poor you!! Feel so bad that you have to endure all that sunshine and beach time, lol. Wish could trade places with you. I am sure you would enjoy frolicking in the snow!!! lol

Anonymous said...

The pic of Bill on the sofa, I'm going to say that he is thinking of Churro's and Ribs. Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed that I didn't put my name on my post.

Carol and Bill said...

It is even too cold in Vegas for Bill. He had the furnace on here this morning. Beautiful our now though.

Carol and Bill said...

He claims he can already smell the ribs. A few more weeks and he can enjoy them. We usually get to Mazatlan around 3:00. We will be at Fat Fish by 4:15

Contessa said...

So fun to read your version of the drive.