Friday, November 18, 2016

Suffering in San Carlos

Went across the street  last night to watch the sunset. Wasn't worth it. Sky went to yellow then yellowish orange and that was the end of it. No clouds to add interest. Lots of birds though.
This morning it was cool enough we had the furnace on a while. 
Here we are parked in Totonaka. We have the whole row to ourselves - both side of the street. This is the emptiest I've seen it in years. 
By 11:00 it was wonderful out so we took a ride. Went to the Marina just to walk around. Last year there were big beautiful bougainvillea bushes full of flowers. This year they are mostly dead. Some have a few flowers on the side facing the land. The hurricane that went through here a couple of months ago did a lot of destruction, especially to the plants.
Now that is a bottle of beer. The young man that paints the pottery was there but he was visiting with friends. Seems like over half of the stores are now empty. Too bad. 
 Stopped to have lunch at El Mar Restaurant. Sat outside to enjoy the view. Looking behind us. 
Looking in front of us. Yep that's the water. Bill was talking to a worker who was repairing hurricane damage. He told Bill the whole pool was filled with sand and rocks. And the part of the patio he was working on just up and floated away. The patio is much higher than the ocean. All the windows in the restaurant were broken. Lots of damage here. 
When leaving I saw this sign. $65 for a salad - it must be a heck of a salad. Then it dawned on me it is 65 Pesos about $3.50. Need to start thinking in Pesos and liters and kilos again. 
The RV park has cable TV with the five major US channels. Been trying to hook it up but getting no where fast. Where is a teenager when you need one. 
And that was about it for the day. Again no pretty sunset.

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Contessa said...

Yup, I agree, never seen Totonaka so empty.