Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A busy productive day Monday

We had a busy day yesterday. Got a few errands done. Before we left to get things done I sat outside and watched a few of the birds. We put some fruit in the little tree next to us. 

 Then we headed out to get things done. First stop dropping off the laundry. I love that while we're here I don't have to do laundry. We just drop it off and get it back all nice and clean, smelling good and folded and ready to put away. They would even iron things if we had any thing that needed ironing. 
Next stop was our favorite parking lot over in the Centro Historico - the old shopping district of Mazatlan. We've been going to this parking lot for several years. And this year it has really changed. It has been painted. The sculpture of the Whales Tail that some artist was building in a couple of the spaces is gone. Click the link and read about it - weird. Also see the difference in the parking lot. 
 For any of you who have been following us you know about this parking lot. The wall separating it from the street was an original wall from the 1800's. Over the years it weakened and bowed out towards the sidewalk. It was held up with chains going around some big trees just inside the lot. Well over the summer part of it finally fell down taking the trees with it. Luckily during a time when no people or cars were outside on the street. So this is the result. The wall now is completely illegal! In this area of town everything has to be original. If something comes apart it MUST be rebuilt exactly as it used to be. 
How it used to look.

I know I had more pictures of it with the chains but can't find them. 
Bill talking to the parking lot manager. About the tail and the wall. He was laughing so hard I thought he'd fall over. 
 Walking through the main plaza. Just one of the many shoe shine and shoe repair men. We're heading towards the big Central Market.
We walked through the Central Market saying hi to all the shop keepers we know there. Got many "Welcome homes" from them. Seems like we know more people here than we do in the states. We had an hour to waste before Bill's eye appointment so we stopped at Panama Restaurant for lunch.
 All the servers are dressed the same. The women must have their hair in a bun and all wear white stockings and shoes. The guys dressed in black pants and shoes and green shirts. Looks really nice.
 We ordered - Bill a chicken salad and me a tuna sandwich while we were waiting for our meal in walked Contessa and Colin. They were buying baked goods and saw us there. They didn't stay to eat but we made plans for next weekend. 
 I ordered Chabala - a sweet drink with fruit cut up in it. 
After eating we went to Bill's eye appointment. We've been going here for years. Last year I got a couple pair of prescription sun glasses here. 
 It's called Optica Nueva and right across the street from the main plaza. His new glasses will be ready tomorrow. Bifocals with the clip on sunglasses and eye exam. US$80. Then he will also get the new lenses put in his old frame. 
 Stopped at a candy store to get some freshly made candied peanuts. They smelled so good we couldn't resist.
 And then to the watch maker to pick up Bill's watch. US$2.50 - cleaned, new battery and band shortened. 
 These are really old magnifiers. 
While waiting I noticed the paper showing the winners of the Marathon - men's and women's classes
 Heading towards home. The pink building is a restaurant we always say we are going to go to. Maybe we'll really do it this year. They advertise watermelon margaritas. 
 Just normal traffic driving through town. 
 Stopped at Mega Supermarket to pick up a few things. I like this display of fruit.
 Eggs - Remember 20.3 Pesos to 1 US dollar. So these are just a little over one dollar a dozen. 
On home were we stayed the hottest part of the day. Took a quick drive to the beach to see the sunset but it wasn't too much to look at. And it was very windy out. Then Bill cooked dinner.Today we are going to El Quelite with friends for breakfast/lunch. 


Doug and Nancy said...

We never did get to El Quelite. Boohoo!!! Enjoy the day!!

Barb said...

Watermelon margaritas sound awesome!


Carol and Bill said...

Can't believe we didn't make it there with you guys. Come down for a week vacation!

Carol and Bill said...

They do dont they. Will let you know how they taste.

Contessa said...

I had the regular margarita at Topolo's. The food is excellent although a tad expensive.