Monday, November 21, 2016

Took a ride into Guaymas

Sunday dawned bright and cool. Not quite as cool in here as the other mornings because last night I thought to put the little heater on for the night. 
Bill has been cooking breakfast the last couple of days. He even cleans up after himself. We decided to take the scenic way past the estuaries and bay towards Guaymas. San Carlos is across the water. The white buildings are condos. 
 Just another look at the desert, mountains and water. Also bright blue sky. 

 A small shack and lots of fishing pangas. 
 Into the city of Guaymas. This is an older block of the town. Notice all the wiring going every which way. 
 Further into town. Buildings in better repair and more colorful. A lot of traffic in town as this is a holiday weekend. Their Independence Day.
 Different styles of architecture.
 The downtown area. Lots of vendors with their wares out in front of regular stores. And most had music blaring. 
Getting everything loaded into the pickup. Including her. They are in front of a pawn shop - advertising electronics and tools. 
 A couple navy ships in the harbor. We were driving along here checking out the dock where our friends boat sank when we heard. Tack, tack, tack. coming from rear of car. Bill pulled over and discovered a BIG bolt in the rear tire. 
 Heading back through Guaymas looking for someplace to get the tire fixed. At the intersections the lights go red for ALL traffic and pedestrians can cross in any direction they want, including kitty corner. 
 Ah Ha! A llantera. A tire fixer. Open on a Sunday during a holiday weekend. We pulled in  and Bill showed him the tire. 
 The entire shop.
 The bolt. Big sucker. Left a big hole when he pulled it out. 
 That's my index finger to compare size. 
 Put the tire in water and pumped in air - out the hole it came. 
 Removing the tire from the wheel. 
Brushed some goop inside, waited a few minutes and put on a patch. Some where in those steps he also roughed the patching up. 
 This picture is for you Mark. 
 Made sure it wasn't still leaking air, back on wheel an we were good to go. A total of 15 minutes from the time we pulled in. Cost? 100 Pesos - 70 for the repair and 30 for a tip. At 20.5 per dollar it cost less than US$5.00
Then of course we had to stop at WalMart. There is a Sam's Club right next door. Picked up a few things we needed and didn't need. 
Continued on home where I got to watch the final NASCAR race in the RV Park's Club Room. Not the outcome I'd wanted. And hard to believe the #42 and #4 who were the fastest cars the whole race couldn't keep #48 Jimmie Johnson behind them for 1 1/2 miles. First time he led the whole race, the last 1/2 lap. To win his 7th NASCAR Championship. 
After the race we went out for dinner at Jax Snax. They have great big delicious hamburgers. 
I'm trying to look up all that I've been wondering about on the Internet because as of this coming Thursday when we activate our Mexican Internet we'll only have 3GB of data a month. I hate all the ads that run on all the sites - they just waste MY GBs. Just realized Thursday is Thanksgiving Day and we'll be on the road and probably spending the night in a truck stop!
It is raining here this morning and rained off and on all night. No plans for today. 


Contessa said...

That was a big bolt!

So glad Bill is feeling better and cooking again :)

Anonymous said...

Good job supervising Bill, Carol I know there are programs out there called Ad block, they block all ads from your computer. I am looking into having it installed on my laptop. Looks like you are having a good time in the warmth, Stay Safe. Will let you know my plans regarding a visit very soon. If there is a better time for a visit please let me know.


Carol and Bill said...

Glad we found a llantera right away.

Carol and Bill said...

An ad blocker would sure be nice. They use us too much of our data when it is limited.