Sunday, November 13, 2016

Met a couple of young men in the desert

Didn’t do anything yesterday or today. After cold nights the days turned out nice. Wind has finally let up. 
And the gremlins continue for Arvi – one of the burners on the stove won’t light. Luckily it is one of the back burners, so we still have the front one and one back one. Just can’t cook too much at once. Doubt that would be a problem any way.

OMG!!! Kyle #18 M&Ms Car managed to get himself in the final four to run for the NASCAR Championship. About half way through today’s race I almost turned it off. Kyle was running between 12 -16th almost all day. The last 50 laps he suddenly showed up in the top 5 and ended up 2nd. Wonder if he can pull off winning the championship two years in a row.
Happened to look out the window and saw the beginnings of a pretty sunset. So I grabbed my trusty camera and walked out into the desert next to the campground. Those clouds look like boomerangs. 
 Over the western mountains right where the sun was setting it was a pretty golden color. 
Turned around and checked out the mountains east of here. They turn pink with the setting sun. 
Out of the corner of my eye I saw something/someone moving through the brush. Hum...The somethings split up and came around a big bush in front of me. One on each sided of the bush. Border Patrol agents. I quickly held up my camera and said, "I'm just out here taking pictures of the sunset." Like they couldn't tell I was just an old fart with a camera. They said Hi and we talked about the sunset. Then I thought to ask them, "Should I go back to the motorhome?" "No," they said, "We're just out here poking around."
They headed away from me. They are brushing all the stickers off their pants with their hats. They looked so young!
So I stayed out there for a while watching the changing sunset. Must have been a jet up there. The contrail lit up like a golden streak in the sky. 
 The moon was starting to come up over the mountain as I was walking back towards the motorhome. Hope I remember to check it out tomorrow night. 
Boy the minute the sun drops behind the mountains it starts getting cold. 

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