Sunday, November 27, 2016

Breakfast at Torres

Our trip so far this year. Pretty basic. From there to here. 1300 miles for ribs. 
 The noisy birds were out of the jungle behind us and walking around the campground. They are called Chachalacas.  Kind of remind me of a turkey. 
 I laugh at the way these guys sit up there with their wings spread. Like they are cooling their pits. 
 Just us in the campground 
 Of course we went over to Torres - the time share hotel - across the street for breakfast. 
 Had the place to ourselves for a while. Just enjoying the food and view. It is funny when we see people we know everyone says, "Welcome Home." And it feels like home here. 
Then went to the market for fresh baked rolls for Bill's sandwiches. They have their Christmas Trees out for sale already. They smelled so good.  I wonder how long we could keep one alive on the patio?
Came home right away. It was only 9:30 a.m. and it was already 85. Good day to stay inside, read and relax with the AC on. Supposed to start getting cooler, hope so. 
Had leftovers for dinner. Today is the big marathon so the road out front will be closed until about noon. Might WALK across the street for breakfast and music. 


SandyM said...

We also enjoyed breakfast at Torres but just a few times. We also enjoy going to breakfast at Los Flores in the Golden Zone and eat on the Verandah - the view is hard to beat. there is also parking which is a plus.

Unknown said...

I love Mazatlan. Hope to retire there soon. You two make me so excited to get there right away. You find so many nice places to visit and have good meals. I love the view you have from the restaurant. Also your rib dinner the other night looked wonderful and I can't believe the price.

Carol and Bill said...

I'd forgotten about Los Flores, it does have quite a view.

Carol and Bill said...

Bill would live here in a heart beat - but I still like the states. It is hot and humid here in the summer. I hope it starts cooling down soon as I don't do humid well.

Tom said...

Yep, Rufus-bellied Chachalacas. Has the Black-throated Magpie-jay come to visit yet?