Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mechanic, Painter and Landscaper OH MY

Another beautiful day in Paradise. This morning we are waiting for: the mechanic who is going to change the spark plugs [we brought them with us] in Willie, the painter who we hope can remove the decals from the Jeep and then paint the same design on Willie. The decals are all cracked and peeling. Also waiting for a load of small sized rocks to be delivered and spread around our site so we quite bringing in all the dead weeds from outside. But to go back in time…(it is 9:20 and the mechanic is here.) 
Sunset Monday night. Not beautiful but pretty.
Sunrise Tuesday morning. Again not spectacular but okay.
Spent early part of yesterday morning watching the birds in our breadfruit tree. We put the bread and fruit in it.
Just a couple of them. Sure fun to watch.

Then we picked up Otto and Edna, friends here in the campground and headed to El Quelite for breakfast. The road to El Quelite was being cleaned of dead weeds. The guy walking along the road had a load of weeds stuck on a pitch fork that he was taking to the place where they would be burned. At first I thought he had an umbrella of weeds.
Met a horse and black and white cow on the road but didn’t get pictures of them.
Going into El Quelite – just some of the colorful houses.

Parked and walking down the street to the restaurant. It is such a pretty street.
One of the turkeys in the wash next to the restaurant. There used to be lots of sheep and goats there too, but they are all gone.
Inside the restaurant. Not too many people there in the middle of the week.
I had scrambled eggs with ham. Also everyone got chips, cheese and fruit dish. And of course gorditas. Yum. We always get a few extra to bring home.
This hen and her chicks were walking around in the restaurant. Future chicken enchiladas.
One of the rooms in the restaurant. It is such a pretty place. I’ve taken so many pictures of it in the past it is hard to find new things to photograph.
The back room and one of the many murals.
Came home and waited for the painter who was supposed to show up yesterday afternoon…we are still waiting. Supposed to be here in about 10 minutes…we’ll see…
Later in the afternoon – around 5:30 we went to pick up the laundry. US$8.50 – well worth it to me. And then on to Soriana the big supermarket – had to buy bread for Bill and the birds and fruit for the birds.
I hate being on the road that time of night. That’s when all the workers who ride their bicycles are going home from work. No lights on most of the bikes. Scary.
I still haven’t cooked a meal, but plan to tonight. Got chicken defrosting.

Had salads for dinner and watched a news program about Cuba. Bill translated a lot of it for me. Interesting. 
This is for you Rona - my little plant who was struggling in Vegas, is loving it here in Mazatlan. 
And we are into a cool down, high of 81 expected today. Some light cloud cover. Yippee. 


Contessa said...

We have known Otto and Edna for years, even before we RVed in Acapulco together.

Carol and Bill said...

Small world

Contessa said...

Meant to mention all your birds. We can't seem to get out orioles back this year,hopefully soon.

Phil said...

Is that one or two plants in the Red Flour can? The leaves look different.

Neat can, original or a reproduction?