Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Doing every day things in Mexico

Going back to yesterday. We had to stop in WalMart so Bill could get his favorite sausage - Cantimpalo. The chorizo cantimpalo is a dry-cured pork sausage cured with smoked paprika; this smoked paprika is selected between the finest harvests from the La Vera, well known in Spain for its famous paprika. Here he is with the clerk picking out the one he wants. 
 Just some of the milks available in WalMart. The whole milk is less than a dollar the soy milk is about $1.40
 And my favorite ice cream. Expensive here This is a small container for US$5.00. In WalMart at home it is around $4. Didn't buy any no room in the freezer yet.
 On the way back into San Carlos we saw the gardeners out cleaning up the center divider. The weeds were about two feet high. 
 Lots of piles of cut weeds to truck away. And lots of miles to do. 
 There is a lot more to do. 
I mentioned I watched the NASCAR race Sunday in the RV park's Club House. This is it. The repair to the wall is from hurricane damage in September. I noticed that today it has been painted. 
 Nice comfortable chairs and air conditioning. 
 And the interior of the restaurant we ate in last night. Jax Snax. You order at the register and when the food is ready they bring it to you.  The words over the door say "I will dine with him and him with me."
So much for Sunday. It rained off and on most of the night. And it didn't cool down as much as other nights. Also humid. I was up at 5:00 too sticky to sleep. Doesn't get light until after 7:00. About 9:30 I tried to take a nap but again too hot to be comfortable. 
So we got in the car and took a ride. The actual temperature was in the low 80s but very humid. 
Tis is now Tuesday morning and I'll try to get this finished. No rain last night but it continues to be very  humid. 70% - way beyond my comfort level. We ended up driving into Guaymas again yesterday. Mainly for something to do. This is an event hall - I question the name. Would you want your birthday party on a ship that will sink?
 Driving down the main street. A variety of buildings - repaired, new and falling down. A lot of the big billboards in this area are missing their signage - hurricane damage maybe?
 A closer look at the building in the middle in picture above. The bricks are a new wall - but notice the old adobe blocks in what's left of the older building. 
 A completely restored building. I wish things like this were built now. So much detail and interest. 
Just some of the stores on the main street. The one that says "Paleteria" sells, ice cream, hamburgers and sandwiches Michoacan style. 
 Ley is a big supermarket chain. Vendors set up outside it selling everything from Christmas presents and decorations to food. 
 A beautiful old building that is just rotting away. It has a historical plaque on it but nothing is being done to save it. School was out yesterday as it was a national holiday. So lots of families downtown. 
 Stopped for a while at the big plaza in front of the church. Noticed this electrical box. Think it is up to code?  The white box above it is full of electrical outlets for the vendors to plug in their lights etc when selling things in the evening. Or charging phones. 
 Toy seller in the park. He was doing a pretty good business. That is the church in the background.
Another restored building across the street from the church. 
 And just across the corner from it is this building. Wish I could get something like this and restore it before it is completely gone. 
 A close up of the plaque that is on the building. 
 Another building by the church. It has kind of been taken care of. But each year it looks a little older. There are businesses open on the ground floor. 
 One reason we stopped at the park was because Bill wanted to get the Jeep washed. An excellent job. 
After Willie was clean we drove on home. Sunset looked nice but we were visiting with new friends who are leaving today so I didn't run across the street to take pictures. 
Today we are meeting old friends for lunch on the beach. This blog is less about us and more about the flavor of Mexico and its people. So unless we do something interesting...
Not a very good video but was wondering if it would upload. Guess it did. 


Phil said...

Is your new header picture the beach of the old La Posada de San Carlos? I stayed there 3 or 4 times 30 years ago, once before the tower was built, and couple of times after. Nice beach. The place I would like to stay is La Playa de Cortez, the old hotel built by SP Lines (railroad). If I read it right, rooms are around $65 per night. I had a great steak in the bar many years ago.
On your video I heard the car radio. Are there any English language stations? Any easy listening or classical stations?

Carol and Bill said...

The picture is from La Palapa Griego a restaurant on beach. Don't know what it used to be.
Not the car radio - all sound was from the people/stores on the street. Haven't even turned the car radio on here.

Grandma on the Road said...

Do you not have electric for AC inside your motorhome? I hate the heat, but I know your husband needs it. Judy

Carol and Bill said...

Yes we have AC - we had it turned off not expecting it to get so warm out so quick. He was fine in the front, but the back bedroom heats up quick. Hot for me is anything over 80. Cold for him is anything under 80! It is a lot warmer here than previous years at this time of year.