Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Riding around San Carlos

I feel so good this morning. For the first night in a loooong time I slept through the whole night. Didn't wake up once until 6:00 this morning. Up and ready to face the beautiful day. It is still dark at 6:00, just now getting completely light out. Around 7:00.
Today we will go into Guaymas to the TelCel office and hopefully get our Internet for Mexico set up. Hope all we have to do is buy the 3GBs. not get a whole new number. After buying the GBs we have to have TelCel activate them. Then we're good to go for 30 days or until the 3GBs run out. It is always an  interesting experience getting this done the first time every year. 
I meant to post these pictures last time but forgot. Saw these outfits in Leys - a big supermarket. Thought they were cute. Very small sizes. 

Walked around the campground yesterday admiring the bushes with the yellow flowers. No butterflies on them this year. Maybe wrong time of year. Lots of bees though.
This area right across the fence to the north used to be an old RV park behind a hotel. For years it has been abandoned and was just trash filled. Now it has been really cleaned up. The hotel has new owners, wonder what they are going to do with the area? 
We were out riding around when we saw this furniture for sale. Had to stop and take a look.
This chair is what we were interested in. They are so comfortable. 2000 Pesos for two of them. About UD$100.00 Good thing we don't have anywhere to put them in Arvi. Although...we could store them on the bed when traveling and use them outside when parked...
I've always liked this mural on the side of one of the homes here. Looks like it is starting to need a little TLC.
Just a picture of the scenery. The reddish rock and the green cactus. My kind of country. 
This too used to be an RV Park El Mirador. It was a really really nice place. Big restaurant all hookups and facilities. Didn't make it. It was open in 2007 when we were here but closed the next time we stopped. It is for sale. 
We were on our way to the high look out point, but the road up to it was closed with a guard. We saw a lot of construction trucks going up the road loaded and coming back down empty. Wonder if the look out part was damaged in the hurricane. 
So instead we went down to the beach to look around. Notice how clear the water is. 
There has been a very heavy Marine presence in town this weekend. In fact a whole encampment of them was set up next to the San Carlos Plaza hotel. We heard but didn't confirm that the Mexican President was in town. 
Just a gnarly old cactus.
Lone fisherman out in the bay. Three of the four boats left moored in the bay during the hurricane ended up on the rocks. 
Don't know what he was selling but he had a customer. Kind of looked like bags of peanuts. Notice the sign in English. This community is mainly North Americans. 
We met our friends for lunch on the beach. Lots of catching up still going on. They now have a permanent home here in San Carlos. They are in a gated park, still live in their RV but have a covered, screened patio an outdoor kitchen and a casita with a bedroom and full bathroom. Nice set up. 
As we came home we noticed several Marine trucks in front of the restaurant next to the RV park and one truck with four Marines armed to the teeth in the driveway. Bill stopped and asked them why they were there. Very evasive answer. So he thanked them for their service which brought on smiles and we went on our way. 
Might try a new restaurant for breakfast this morning. 
No pretty sunset last night. Nor pretty sunrise this morning. 
Egad! Blogger has changed their format again...why don't they leave things alone. 

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