Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Eve in a truck stop

I hope all our friends and family had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. We started out the day with breakfast at Chihuahua's Restaurant in San Carlos. If you go to San Carlos be sure to eat there at least once. Excellent food, service, ambiance and prices. 
 At 9:15 we hooked up and left Totonaka RV. We planned on stopping in Huatabampito...but guess plans are made to change. 
 Once on the highway we came quickly to the first of four toll booths on today's drive. Total for the day US$35. At least the new ones are a little wider than the old ones.  We pay for both the RV and the car. 
 At least this year most of the roads were worth the price. Brand new concrete highway, with a shoulder even. 
 And even guard rails!
 But before we got too excited we found some construction. Had to share the northbound lanes with on coming traffic. See the new concrete southbound lanes.
 Oops, spoke too soon. This part was miserable, about 30 kilometers of rough, rough road. 
 Coming to little town. We know there is a tope ahead, the bus slowed way down and people were selling things in the middle of the road. 
This guy was nuts. Look at the load he is carrying. And the pick up is overloaded. He passed us like we were going backwards. Glad to see him go by. 
 I hate when we have to pass one of these double trailer semis. They seem to take forever to go around. 
 Cuidad Obregon which is not a pleasant city to drive through any way now has a detour. But actually the detour was a better road than the old regular road. It was just a little hard to find at times. Thank you all who proceeded us and gave hints on how to make it through. Slow at RR tracks - very slow. And follow the trucks. So we slowed down and followed the trucks. Making a left turn on to the detour. 
 Making a right turn. This guy can have any lane he wants. 
Just south of Obregon a shrine to the Virgin Guadalupe. Was glad to see it today, it means we are through the town.
 Cattle and cowboy right next to the road in the center divider. At least they stayed behind the guard rail. 
 We had planned on going to Huatabampito. But when we got the road we always take there it was closed for repaving. We stopped and asked a gasoline attendant about another way in. He just laughed. We could go back into town and take a convoluted way through town, or go way back and take the truck route [no thanks we did that once before and had to ford a stream.] Or we could continue on and take the southern road in - he said that was not a good idea as the road is terrible. We know we've also taken that before. So no Huatabampito going south this year. 
Leaving Sonora. 
 We continued on to a Pemex - truck stop - south of Los Mochis. It is a locked guarded lot. There is also a good restaurant here. I wish I'd taken my camera when we went to eat. I've never seen so much food in my life and both of us got a "Half" order of milanese. We have enough left for four more meals. And it was very good. 
So we'll leave here in the morning and head into Mazatlan. 
Using our generator and TelCel Internet to post this.

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