Monday, November 28, 2016

Mazatlan Sunday Marathon and Music

We had a really nice Sunday here in warm Mazatlan. I started out the day by walking up to the street to watch the first runners of the marathon pass. To the right of the tree are the four Kenyon men leading the rest of the field by a long time. Quite a few of the people from the campground were out front to cheer the runners on. When they heard the clapping and bravos most of them picked up their speed a little. 
 His choice of running outfit was interesting.
 The Kenyons - only two of them leading the pack back towards town. 
 About a minute later the other two came by. Distance between first and these pictures was about 7 kilometers. 
 A new convenience store has gone in in front of the RV park. Haven't gone in it yet to check it out.
This is for you Nancy. The Healthy Iguana is gone - new owners, new name and new menu. Too bad they sure were nice. Will ask around to try to find out what happened. 
Spent most of the heat of the day sitting in the shade visiting with friends in the park. Then home to read and nap with the AC on. 
Come evening we piled into the Jeep and headed for the Plazuela Machado for dinner and music. Walking around before eating I checked out a display of drinks one restaurant serves. I wonder if they charge for the bees that were swimming in them. 
 The main doors to the Angela Peralta theater were open so looked in. I'd forgotten how pretty it is
While we were just walking around the plaza we heard, "The Golden Years, right?" What? A man stood up from the bench and introduced himself. He recognized us from my blog. Talked with him and his wife for a while. They are staying here in Mazatlan in another RV park. He has been following our blog for a while. He also writes a blog at
We ate dinner at Beach Burger one of our favorite restaurants. We have a front table for the evenings entertainment. For those of you who don't know on the weekends the street is closed and all the restaurants put tables in the street. Each set of lights is a different restaurant. Both of us had Italian Chicken Salads. Delicious as usual. The owner of the restaurant, Conchita, came over and gave us great big hugs and welcomed us home. Waiting for the music to start. 
 Rafael Rodriguez. He sings and plays guitar. All kinds of music. We really enjoy listening to him. 
Wish I could have gotten a better picture of these two guys. One was completely coated in silver the other one in bronze. Hats, faces, clothes, everything. They were just walking around the plaza.
 Raphael, his wife and a friend sat and chatted with us during his break. 
 The woman in the white blouse is his wife. 
There were a lot of people dancing to his music - more than we've seen in quite a while. Always fun to watch. Some really good dancers and some just swaying to the music. All ages.
 A couple of videos from the evening. Turn the sound up.

This is my favorite. Who would think Achy Breaky Heart would be so popular here.

And here is Willie patiently waiting for us. Will have to write more about this parking lot when we've been there in the day light. A lot of changes since spring. 
In the plaza it was 82 degrees, here in the campground it was 74. Always a big temperature difference between the two areas. Sbout 10 miles apart. 
Today it is not supposed to be quite as hot. If the humidity would drop too it would be perfect. Might take laundry in and I think Bill is planning on getting Arvi washed. Then...


Jackie McGuinness said...

Making me homesick!
Love your header photo!

Carol and Bill said...

if there are clouds it is hard to take a bad sunset photo in San Carlos.
when did you say you would be here in Mazatlan?