Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Star Light Star Bright

Last night I walked out into the desert again - the sunset wasn't much but I thought I'd wait for the 
Super moon to come up. Took a couple of pictures that I just liked. This is looking East. 
 As is this one. I love the way the mountains turn pink.
 Looking West as I said not much of a sunset.
 Arvi and Bill waiting patiently for me to come back. 
 I did manage to catch one of the first stars to come out. Or is it a planet or the space station. It sure was bright.
 I waited and waited, finally got cold and went inside. No sight of the moon. A little while later there it was way up in the sky. Didn't get to see it coming over the mountain. Oh well.
 Today we had a busy day. First we headed into Nogales, didn't take the freeway but took the old road, the same one we took in 1978 - the beginning of our 25,000 mile trip from California to Argentina in our motorhome. I bet it looked the same then. We stopped at the Pilot to fill the Jeep. Unleaded was 1.89. Good thing we stopped, the 20 gallon tank in the Jeep took 19.7 gallons!
After getting the insurance for the car and Arvi we thought Hummm? Why not continue on to Mexico and get all the paperwork done for us and the vehicles. I had everything we needed with us. So off we went. Zip and we were in Mexico. No one on U.S. side to even look at us. At the first Mexican check point we got the green light and continued on. To the first toll booth! Yep 52 Pesos for the car. The exchange is really in our favor now. 20 Pesos for 1 dollar. So the toll was about $2.60.
We got to Kilometer 21 where we do all the paperwork. Walked in and were given the paperwork for our Tourists Cards. My hand was shaking too bad to even begin to fill mine in. Was waiting for Bill to finish his. The gentleman behind the counter noticed and came over to fill mine out for me. From there to the Banjercito to do the paper work for the vehicles and pay for everything. We had to get a 10 year permit for the RV, a 180 day permit for the Jeep. With the Jeep we had to pay a deposit that will be refunded when we turn the paperwork back in when we leave Mexico. No problems - took total about 40 minutes. Mostly because the agent helping us was the supervisor and every time the other agent had a problem he had to go to her and explain things. It only came to 9,363.92 Pesos!!! Got to get used to those amounts again. Not sure what exchange rate they were using today - the RV cost $60 as near as I can figure. 
On the way home we stopped at WalMart for a few last minute things. We spent more time there in the check out line then we spent doing the paperwork. 
Went to the Cow Palace for a late lunch. Very good. 
Tomorrow will be laundry day and we'll be off early Thursday morning. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Not sure if I can keep reading. Makes me miss you two crazy people!!!!! At least we get to "be" in Mazatlan through you!!! Hugs.......

NormSusan said...

Let the adventure begin!!! Don't think we will be able to get to Mazatlan this year. We really wanted to try for a 2 week all-inclusive sometime in February but crazy expensive this year from Canada. Will have to really enjoy our 2 weeks in December in Guayabitos and then travel silently with you the rest of the winter. Travel safe.

Carol and Bill said...

Wish you guys could be there too. We had some fun last year.

Carol and Bill said...

We got 20.87 pesos to one dollar yesterday at the banjercito - heard gasoline was going up there so every peso counts.