Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Our last night in the US.

Going into Mexico with limited data allowed on our Mexican Internet I’ve got to get used to writing the blog in Word, leaving spaces for the photos and then copy/paste on to the blog. That way I also can write something down so I don’t forget it when doing the blog.
Just soon after we got home from our errands yesterday there was a knock on the door. It was Colin. His wife is Contessa and she writes the blog 5Cs Que Pasa. We hooked up a couple of times last year in Mexico. Visited with them for a while, they left for Mexico early this morning. Just an overnight stop for them.
Got an email from a new friend from Canada, he stopped to visit us in Las Vegas last month. He is planning on coming to Mazatlan in January. His first trip there. Also met him through the blog.
It is really overcast this morning, I bet there was a pretty sunrise and I slept through it!
Looks like the wind is picking up some, hope it isn’t windy tomorrow as it will be a long drive – for us anyway. Almost 300 miles from RV park to RV park. While there we’ll get our Mexican Internet reactivated. Until we do that we’ll be using the parks Internet which has always been pretty good.
Today will be laundry day. And just getting things US put away and things Mexico taken out. Maps, books, Pesos etc.

Just checked the credit card we used for all the paperwork for us and the vehicles. We got an exchange rate of one US dollar = 20.89 Pesos. 
Later we made another last minute trip to WalMart.
It remained cloudy and overcast all day, didn't think there would be any sunset - turned out I was wrong. Just sharing a few pictures of our last US sunset for a while. The mountain looked golden tonight instead of pink. 
 Lots of yellows and golds tonight.
 Put the camera on the Program Auto on my camera - got this result. Need to read the manual to figure that out. 


Tioga George said...

Hi Carol,

When I am out camping with Scampy, I Blog as you do. Prepare my Blog using Apple Notes. Then, quickly copy/paste online. Then format my text, upload pics.....and then I am offline again.

Another thing
I am always amazed when I read that you and Bill are off to Mexico again! You both have tons more get-up-and-go than I have!



Carol and Bill said...

Look whose talking! Youv'e been pretty busy. And taking a long trip with Scampy.
We will be meeting up with a lot of friends old and new in Mexico. Someday we will stop going...Bill is 80 now, I'm 78. So far so good so we will take advantage of it.