Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just a hop skip and jump from Mexico

Thursday one week into the trip. Sure hope it gets better from here. We are now in Amado, AZ about 25 miles from Mexican border. We’re staying at the Mountain View RV Ranch. Found out it has another new owner. Looks cleaner than before, but maybe because it is kind of empty. Guess we are before the season. Weekly price with full hookups and if you want it cable TV is about $24.00 a day. They used to have WiFi that reached all the sites, now it is a hotspot that is available only in the office. We are about 20 feet from the office and I can’t log into it. It shows up with five bars but can’t get it. So using our MiFi which works good and fast here.
We’ll be here for at least a week.
Took us about an hour to get here from Tucson. Just before we made the turn onto the I-10 on ramp we realized it was at a standstill so we took the frontage road for a way until we were past a multi car accident and got on at the next on ramp. Once on the 19 the wind was terrible. Bill had to really hang on or get blown off the road. Speaking of Bill his cold seems to be worse again today, or else it is just breaking up. Sounds terrible and went back to bed after we got here.

At least it is not too hot here and even our just barely can open windows are catching the wind and funneling it in. 
We made a quick run to Safeway otherwise did nothing to write about. 


Anonymous said...

Well it will not be long before supervisor Bill will be having ribs at Fat Fish...

Carol and Bill said...

It will take us a couple of weeks to get there. But he claims he can already smell them.

SandyM said...

We hope this is the year we get to try FatFish - just never seem to make that happen. Sure remember all the pictures you have posted - they look so good.

Carol and Bill said...

Bill claims he can already spell them. Talked to people who'd lived in Mazatlan for several years and they said Munchkins in golden zone has better ribs. We'll have to see. (met these people in Denny's here in AZ)