Sunday, October 16, 2016

New house next door

The header is from this morning's sunrise over the desert. Thursday and Friday were busy times here on our block. Here are the tree guys taking down this beautiful tree on the lot where a new home will go. The bush to the left got taken out too. The guy with the broom is working on the lot next to us. 
 The cement for the mobile homes wheels being poured. When I say next door I really mean RIGHT NEXT DOOR!
 Almost done with the cement - this was Thursday afternoon. 
 Finished. Waiting to dry. That home will be attached to the ugly blue garage.
 Friday morning. Cement was set - waiting for the new home. 
 And here it comes. It was waiting in another lot somewhere here in the community. It has been prepared to be put into its lot. That's the master bedroom in the back. I'm standing right in front of our door.
 Getting ready to back it in. It will NOT go on the cement it will go just to the right of the cement in the dirt. 
 They did it this way so they would have more room to maneuver the other half between it and the garage. 
 Our property ends at the dark line. I'm glad we never use the front door and that I have always kept the living room blinds closed. But the view from the small room is now right into that single window. Glad it comes with blinds. 
 That side is in and leaning towards us...
 Looking in the living room window. The carpet and padding are there. 
 And here comes the other half. 
 Looking into it - nice kitchen all stainless steel appliances. 
 He back it right in. Up snug against the garage.
 Then he hooked up to the first side pulled it out and backed it onto the cement. 

The truck he was driving was neat to watch. The driver could move the side mirrors in and out about three feet so he could maneuver and see what he was doing. Also the hitch moved independent of the truck, The cab wouldn't be moving and the home moved side to side. 
 And here they come for the house across the street. They moved it to another area  completely. A couple of blocks away. Sure got it out quicker than they put it in. 
 Here the cab is right up to our garage door. Took some back and forth and he had the section far enough away from the other section that he could turn it and back it out over the curb to the street. 
 So now that lot is empty.
Below is a video of them taking it out. Couldn't figure out how to put it in this post. make it full screen. At about 18 seconds you can see the passenger side mirror moving in  towards the truck.


snowball said...

can't see where to find the video of the house moving out

Carol and Bill said...

Strange - on my computer there is one video just before this blog and another post just after this blog.