Friday, October 14, 2016

Been busy

It is 7:45 in the a.m. and we just finished pricing all the stuff for the garage sale that is tomorrow from 9:00 until 2:00  Should be interesting as it is advertiser and open to public. I hope we get rid of most of it. What's left will be garbage or Salvation Army. It is sure not going back in shed or house. Just some of the "stuff" to quote George Carlin. Don't have any idea what the people out here will buy. 
While digging  through boxes we came across this. Bill made it from leather then painted it. Pretty isn't it?
 And it inspired him to make another one with a piece of leather he had in the garage. Says he is going to use his air brush to paint it. 
And I discover a pattern disk I have for my embroidery machine. Completely forgot I had it. 
 They are really lacy looking. And they all had loops to hang them and like an idiot I cut some of the loops off...because I was thinking of putting them on my Christmas quilt, but changed my mind and did something else. 
Also been working on repairing some stained glass. This poor butterfly had lost his antennas. That is when I realized how much both hands shake. Took me forever to get them soldered on. He is really pretty when the sun is coming in the window. 
Also working on a Leprechaun's hat for St Patty day decoration. Mainly I wanted to make sure all my glass equipment still worked and that I still had what was needed. Found out some of chemicals I use were dried up. [the little wings in the lower corner belong to an angel I'm making for a friend - but will have to get Bill to do the soldering.] The weird square in the top left is a buckle that goes on the hat band. 
Most of the last couple of days we've been watching homes being moved in and moved out. Will make that another blog for tomorrow. Today we are going to the other side of town for a visit with my doctor. Hopefully I can talk him out of enough samples to get me through the winter in Mexico. 
Before visiting him though we will stop at the big indoor swap meet over there to see if we can get more greenery and green foam for the other window box. 


Contessa said...

I love those lacy Xmas hanging decorations. Wish I had kept some for the RV.

SandyM said...

I really like the Oak leaf as it is - no painting needed if you are giving it to me 😀😀😀 !!! My Mom crocheted snowflakes one year for our daughter's Christmas tree. Now that her Nana is no longer living she has them for extra good memories of her.

SandyM said...

Love all the lacy Christmas decorations